CDT Networking Events – Round One

What a better way to kickstart the beginning of the new term if not with a new series of social events?

A CDT student-led committee has organised a schedule of “CDT Networking Events”, where students belonging to different CDT cohorts get to know each other in an informal setting. The first iteration of our CDT Networking events was held on Friday 17th of January in the EPSRC CDT Space. The events entail, in the first 30 minutes, an educational talk given by one of the EPSRC CDT students on a topic belonging to his\her research area. On the very first round, Alain Rossier (CDT Mathematics of Random Systems- Oxford Cohort) discussed about Maths and the game of Poker. Alain covered important notions of game theory, including Nash equilibrium and the optimality of strategies, which closely relate to his research topic.

The content and the quality of the talk given by Alain was widely appreciated by the audience and it led to further informal discussion during the second part of the event, where student had the chance to extend their professional networks and socialise with their peers. The event was accompanied by free pizzas, drinks and snacks for all the students. The event also had a large number of presences, counting at peak time more than 40 students. This really encouraged the event committee to organise the next series of event in a similar fashion and which are planned to take place in the months to come in the Spring and Summer terms.

The committee would like to the Graduate School as well as the participating CDTs who acted as financial sponsors for the events.