Meet our guest blogger, Frances Mak!

We have a guest blogger working with us this summer: meet Frances Mak!

Hi! My name is Frances Mak and I am currently a biology undergraduate student at Imperial College of London. During my first year, I was a part of the Imperial College Work Shadowing Program which takes student applications and matches them with an organization or company to shadow for a day. I had the privilege to shadow the Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering team and spent the day learning how much more my degree could do for me apart from just research, a misconception I had first coming into university. In this, I learned about the importance of science communication and the impact of making connections between different individuals in the academic world. I was eager to take on the opportunity to refine my science communication skills, so having the chance to work on the blog was amazing.

I’m currently very interested in microbiology and its applications when trying to help address different world problems. Problems such as clean water accessibility worldwide will be a topic I will be focusing on in the first couple of posts. I am an avid music listener and play ultimate frisbee competitively with the university and outside with the Great Britain Under 20 women’s team. So when I am writing, I am also listening to most likely Taylor Swift and when I am not, I’m probably throwing a frisbee around, regardless of the weather. I hope you will enjoy reading what I have to say and learn something new along the way. Happy reading!

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