What is the Staff Recruitment Project?

The Staff Recruitment Project is one of the first Operational Excellence initiatives to be rolled out at Imperial. It aims to enhance the administrative processes involved in our HR recruitment activities in order to improve the experience of applicants and recruiters.

The project’s scope is broad and extends across all aspects of the staff recruitment process; however a key focus will be the review and redesign of our current e-recruitment system. So far we have undertaken feasibility work to identify new system options, reviewing the systems used by ten Russell Group universities and meeting with a number of different providers.

We have also been collecting feedback on our current system from College recruiters and applicants and working with a number of stakeholders to map the process as it operates at the moment. This process map and feedback will help us as we begin to consider which elements of the process need to be redesigned to offer users the best service.

We will be seeking feedback from staff throughout the project, and will be regularly recording updates and developments on this blog as it progresses. Should you have any questions in the meantime please email irecruitment@imperial.ac.uk.

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