Ice Sledge Hockey

Ice Sledge Hockey was developed in Sweden in the 1960’s by two ice hockey fans who did not want their disability to stop them from playing their favourite sport. It first featured at the Lillehammer 1994 Paralympic Winter Games and has quickly become one of the most popular attractions for spectators at the Winter Games. It was not until 2009 that it was determined that female athletes would be allowed to compete. The rules are largely similar to those of conventional ice hockey rules with the major difference being those relating to the sledge.

The sledge consists of a bucket seat mounted on metal frame which runs on two skate blades under the seat and a skid at the front of the frame. The IPC have regulations for the size of the frame, height off the ground, number of cross bars and the design of blade carriers and skids. The players use curved stick similar to those in conventional hockey, but shorter and with the addition of ice picks at the top end to aid propulsion on the ice.

Ice Sledge Hockey is an fast action-packed sport. Sadly the British team did not qualify for Sochi 2014, there is however there is however likely to be some great action on the ice from the 8 competing teams of Canada, USA, Russia, Czech Republic, Norway, South Korea, Italy & Sweden.

Ice Hockey action shot courtesy of IPC website (

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