Long(-ish) Commutes and Panoramic Kitchens

Living in Halls

I present to you- Woodward (WW) a.k.a #DiamondofImperial a.k.a Alaska (because it’s low-key a trek from campus).

In case you aren’t sure how it works, all first year undergrad students are guaranteed a place for accommodation as long as they accept Imperial as their firm. I received an invitation to apply for accommodation in July- you get to choose 5 preferences but these are all ranked equally. 

My halls consist of three blocks: B, C, and D (I’m not quite sure what happened to A). Block D is arguably the place to be- where the kitchens have panoramic views. *Insert heart eye emojis* At WW, all the rooms are ensuite and we’ve also got an on-site two storey gym, music rehearsal rooms, study spaces, a common room complete with pool and foosball tables, etc. #BraggingRights

The nearest tube station is pretty much across the road (North Acton Station) and there are a couple bus stops dotted around nearby. There’s Tesco Express and Sainsbury’s Local a stone’s throw away, and a massive ASDA which is about a 10-15 minute walk from WW. (Oh, plus Domino’s, Subway, and Costa are also a minute away.)

Nearby is the other Imperial hall- the Costume Store. They share their building with UAL students and pretty much come to all our events. Sad.

Speaking of events- WW actually had something planned daily for a whole month during Freshers!

The regular events at the moment include free breakfasts and movie nights with snacks on Sundays in the common room. (Not going to lie- I’ve never been to any of the events but I do appreciate them!)

Admittedly, WW has a large medic presence *maniacal laughter* and most of the closest friends I’ve made live here- I suppose the commutes are almost a form of bonding? I’m actually sharing a flat with two of my best friends and it feels like a party everyday (except it’s not- the lectures are endless, and I’m personally constantly sleepy). :’) 

Admittedly, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies- as mentioned in the opening line, WW is a bit of a trek into campus (compared to other halls anyway).
I wasn’t totally thrilled to find out it was a 45 minute journey to South Kensington and a 35 minute journey to Hammersmith (Charing Cross Hospital). So basically, I wake up around 7-7.30AM for 9AM lectures.


Oh and did I mention I’ve got a roommate? There are definitely perks such as having company after watching horror films in case a killer is on the loose. Just kidding. We’re Imperial students- we don’t have time to watch movies. This is not at all true, I’m actually immune to so many horror films. :c

In all seriousness, having the company and someone to speak to is pretty nice plus speaking from experience, it’s always good to have a back up incase you get locked out of your room! (You could actually just go to security and admit defeat- but I’m not about that life and neither is my roommate.) I’m genuinely so grateful we get along and she’s honestly the absolute sweetest! I mean there’s a bit of clashing toilet use in terms of which side the toilet roll should be facing- but this can be overlooked. We actually also have conflicting bedtimes, but we make it work- thank goodness she’s a relatively heavy sleeper!

P.s. She’s a maths student- scary, right?

You can find more info about Imperial accommodation including different halls, their locations, and accommodation fees here.

Sending love and best wishes (from my super pretty kitchen)!
Alex (:


7 comments for “Long(-ish) Commutes and Panoramic Kitchens

    1. Would it not get too crowded? Also, how do you make an original comment ?? (For Alex, I’m the person you met on the open day!)

      1. Hi Kush!

        Crowded as in actual halls or.. the kitchens specifically?
        As for both aspects, I didn’t ever find it to be crowded at all!
        The kitchens are pretty big and designed to hold however many are in that particular flat.

        Oooh.. original comment- I think if you scroll to the very bottom of the comment section, there should be a box there? (As a medic, this tech stuff is obviously not my forte! Haha)

        Hope you had a lovely time at open day! 😀

  1. Wow Woodward sounds awesome, hope I can get a place there. Thanks for the post, it’s super useful to hear about your experience!

    1. Hi there!
      45 minutes was the total time it took me to get to South Ken via tube (including transfer times from station-station and station-campus). I believe it’s a 30-40 minute cycle depending on cycle pace.
      Alex :]

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