White days while in London – I don’t really know where home is anymore

It’s holiday season, Christmas lights everywhere, happy wishes in every corner, warmth and love in every single person around and for most students time to go home.

So, since I am just like most students, I partied to celebrate the end of term, and then partied again because it’s Christmas. Which led to a few very productive days of hangover doing absolutely nothing but Netflix – like you should. With all the partying and it’s consequences checked off my to do list, it’s time to catch a flight (right after doing laundry, miracles may happen but that’s just in Easter, right now your cloths won’t wash themselves). 45 minutes in the tube, an hour and a quarter in the train, 3 miles queuing and an hour and a half due to a delay later and I’m on the plane on my way home. It’s late and as I look through the window and see all those lights, shaping the city I’m in love with,


“I wonder if I’m going home, this feels a lot like leaving to me”



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