Uniting St Mary’s campus against diabetes

One of the best things about being at St Mary’s campus is that it’s a unique crossroads of both the healthcare community and the people who live and work in the Paddington area. All at once, the campus is a graduate school, historical landmark, fully functioning hospital and community resource.

That’s why it’s really cool when the different communities here unite for a common cause.

From March till May, St Mary’s folks are taking the plunge and swimming 22 miles in support of Diabetes UK. That’s the width of the English Channel and helping us get there are an awesome band of postgrad students, medics, diabetes researchers and the ICSM water polo team!

By doing so, we hope to raise loads of money for the charity, and also let the world know how much our pool means to us. (Sadly, it’s slated to close in a few months).

Please, please help us make a difference! Click here to donate and thank you in advance 🙂







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