Sports at Imperial: Cheer 101

“Joining cheer was the best decision I’ve ever made”

“I was not proud of the bow, nor the uniform. I was proud of what it meant”


“When I initially message the president asking to join cheer late in the term, I hadn’t really left my bed in three months. I was then in hospital for about a month in December. After that, cheer was the only time I left my house for in a while. I just want to thank all of you so so soooo much for being so lovely and welcoming from the start, and just overall amazing people. I know it seems a bit weird, but being surrounded by you guys has really helped me this year so much and I am so much better than I was before so I’m extremely grateful for all of you!!!”

“Left me with inexplicable desire to wear red lipstick everyday”

“I would say it is hard work but satisfying, rewarding even”


“fivesixsassyeight Titans! [After nationals] We did so well yesterday and hope you all have enjoyed not just nationals but regionals, training and socials… the whole season! We all have improved so much individually and as a team! I am so proud of everyone that has learnt new tumbles, perfected challenging stunts and even those who have overcome personal fears. We have really been a dream team! It has been a perfect start and end :'(  with you! Watch out… Titans coming through in the res white and blue!”

“I still find glitter everywhere”

“Highest point in my life”


“Thought I was going to turn 20 alone in hospital, but my mummy came down, my friends surprised me with cake and balloons, and I was discharged just in time for my party… Ended up turning 20 while doing tequila shots in the union!! Also, [a friend] had to bring her pjs to Spring carnival because she was fully ready to stay the night in hospital with me, so yeh I have the best friends ever and I love them all xxxx”

“The culmination of human spirit”

“Definitely, the best ratio at Imperial”




“Best team I could ask for”


-members of the 17/18 ICL Titans cheerleading team

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