How Not To Spend Your 5 Weeks Off University

This is how I’ve been wasting my time.

As the holidays came to a start- my initial mindset was, “Oh, I’ve got looaaddss of time. I definitely deserve a break. One more season of this show on Netflix won’t hurt.” It must have slipped my mind that the exam on the day I go back is not a mock. Now that I’m about 70% through my Easter/Spring break, I am filled with regret and drowning in revision. :’)

  1. Watching a season of Hell’s Kitchen
    The first thing I did was binge watch as soon as the term ended. Personally a big Gordon Ramsay fan, even though he’s not a believer in Vegetarianism/Veganism cries. 
  2. Attending a university fair
    Got to rep Imperial at a secondary school in Bexley, London. This was actually a paid job opportunity under Imperial’s President’s Ambassador scheme. It was really cool speaking to students about our uni and life as an undergraduate student, specifically studying in central London. Sharing the Imperial loveeee. 
  3. Eating at a veggie pub in Soho
    I met up with an old friend who’s currently doing an exchange year at UCL (please don’t kill me.) We went to London’s first and only Vegetarian/Vegan pub! Tried their ‘Tofush and Chips’- amaaazzinggg! 11/10 would recommend- Coach & Horses near Soho Square, London. They also have two resident black cats; as I am a big cat person- this was a massive bonus! Can’t wait to go back and try their pies!
  4. Watching a season of Blackadder and 3 seasons of Plebs
    Blackadder throws it back to Rowan Atkinson’s pre-Mr Bean/Johnny English days; this is described as Pseudo-historical British comedy sitcom. Plebs is where it’s at though, folks. This is a comedy about three friends/flatmates who live in the time of ancient Rome. My current favourite show- if you haven’t seen this then you’re missing out! Grumio gives me life, honestly. You can catch seasons 1-3 on Netflix, and season 4 on Mondays at 10PM on ITV2 (UK). Both shows were recommended by my boyfriend- not sure whether to be grateful or mad at him for leading me into a blackhole of more Netflix bingeing. Cheers, friend.
  5. Seeing Fall Out Boy live
    So Fall Out Boy is one of my favourite bands of all time (after My Chemical Romance)- seeing them live at the O2 Arena was an absolute dream come true. They were incredible- the whole experience was unreal. I definitely think that this is one of the massive perks of living in a city like London, there are endless things to do and see for leisure! If an artist is doing a European tour, you can bet they’ll have a London date. Also seeing Ed Sheeran in June, super psyched for that!
  6. Visiting my old school
    I flew back home (Macau) for my last two weeks of the break- low key a massive mistake because there were so many people to catch up with, meaning it left minimal time for revision. However, going back to the place where I spent 14 years of my life (Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary) was absolutely surreal and so heartwarming. It was so wonderful seeing all the familiar faces of my former teachers teachers and younger students whom I was good friends with. Today is the current senior students’ last day of official classes; I remember my last day like it was yesterday. Being back home is eye-opening – I see how far I’ve come, how much things have changed, and how much things have also stayed the same.
  7. Panicking about revision but not doing much anyway
    This is high-key the story of my life. Most nights currently consist of me freaking out because I’m so behind on revision, then making excuses about how sleepy I am thus I won’t be able to properly concentrate. This results in me lying in bed taking BuzzFeed quizzes, e.g. Take This Quiz To Find Out What Kind Of Potato You Are, for an hour or two until I fall asleep when I could have spent it revising or writing this. Jetlag also isn’t my friend. My life is currently in shambles but oh well- I’ll figure it out. Worst case scenario, there’s always a resit in August.

    Hopefully this blogpost helps you see that not everyone at Imperial is the ‘perfect student’! Or maybe it’s just me.

    Hoping that your term break has been considerably more productive than mine,
    Alex (:

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