The International Experience

For many of us international students, coming overseas is definitely a daunting experience – leaving all you’ve known and loved only to arrive somewhere you know nothing of. Compounded by the fact that we are apparently adults because we have graduated high school, the sense of protection and belonging is no longer there. We are all very much on our own.

Personally, I was very lost when starting the first year at university – arriving at a new place knowing no one. However, since then I’ve grown incredibly through friendships, failures and successes. I’ve become the president of the table tennis club, managed to secure some internships and met my girlfriend in the testosterone-filled world that is Imperial.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you’re reading this somewhere in the world, and you hope to come to Imperial(or any other international university), it’s okay to be scared!  I’ve really realized the number of people who read these blogs (at the start I thought it would be buried in the web) when I began receiving comments and questions from people all over the world.



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