First year of uni was…

What is first year of uni like?

Because it is a lot more than just “fun”, I had to make a video about it.





2 comments for “First year of uni was…

  1. Hi Constanca,

    Loved your video, congrats for getting through the first year.

    What kind of supports do you think an engineering student needs in their first year? Regarding well-being, mental health…

    1. Hello Rebecca,
      Thank you for your message!
      In terms of well-being and mental health, as an engineering student I think what helped me the most was doing extracurricular activities, such as sports and being part of societies I identify with. In that way, I met a lot of people that had been in my position previously and I learnt so much from them. To add to that, any engineering course can be quite draining and having at least an hour per day to not worry about a certain module and to put myself first makes everything easier.
      I hope my answer helps!

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