A fresher’s guide on how to survive uni

Attend Lectures and actually listen

A term in university thought me one thing, it’s to attend your lectures and actually listen to the lecturers, (don’t spend the entire 2 hours lecture scrolling through instagram feeds, I made that mistake). Most of the time, you’re probably already tired after a full day of lectures, and weekends feel more like a relaxing day than hustle days. So, I personally find being interactive in lectures (taking notes and ask question) should help a lot in your studying, also some of the lectures are actually really interesting.

Prepare your own meal

I know, this feels like a hassle, especially if all you want to do is sleep, I feel you hun. But, uni life is expensive, uni life in London, is pfffffffff… well.. unless your last name is Gates, preparing your own meal is a good idea. Not only that you know what you’re putting into your body, but it saves a lot of $$$.

Stay fit and active

It’s typically easy to just be a couch potato in uni, I mean you spend your entire day sitting, from a 9AM to 5PM lectures, then you sit on the tube during commute, and you sit again doing revision, I mean you get my point, it’s a lot of sitting. As important as revision and attending lectures, it’s also so important to stay active. Personally, I study better if I do a workout in the morning, I’m less lazy and more focus on what I’m trying to put into my brain.

Do the things you love

Uni is not all about lectures and revisions, despite what people think, we still have a life and we still have time to enjoy doing what we love. I love fancy dinners and going out with friends, so I always make time to catch up with my friends over dinner. London is practically the place to be, you wouldn’t run out of things to do, despite the busy days in uni, you’ll still find so many things you can do and with Imperial running so many different clubs, you get to do the things you love (also, Wednesday lecture ends at 12, so you can enjoy your non-academic life).

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