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For theatre addicts London is like a bar for alcoholics: a paradise and a hell at the same time. Since the beginning of my PhD I’ve spent a bit too much money and time on plays and musicals — more than I’d ever publicly admit. Meanwhile I’ve mastered the art of getting cheap tickets, so if you’re also a theatre lover on a student budget, read on! This article isn’t sponsored by any of the companies I mention (unfortunately).  

The Globe, one of my favourite London theatres.
  1. Install TodayTix on your phone. You’ll be able to book tickets with one swipe, get some additional offers (e.g. 24-hour-long sales) and, most importantly, participate in lotteries. This way I managed to get affordable tickets for “Everybody’s Talking about Jamie” just a few hours before the show — and the seats were great! 
  2. Check out Shakespeare’s Globe. In the summer season standing tickets cost only £5, the price of lunch in the student canteen. Yes, you’ll have to queue before the play to get a good spot. Yes, your legs will hurt after three hours of “Macbeth”. And yes, you’ll get cold and wet in case of bad weather. But you’ll also get a chance to interact with the actors and literally get inside the play. Even if you’re not a fan of Shakespeare, give it a go, as the theatre features plays by other authors as well.
  3. Join Entry Pass at the National Theatre. If you’re 16-25, you can sign up for free to get £7.50 tickets for all plays, from ancient to modern, from funny to tragic, from classic to experimental. Some plays took my breath away (“Amadeus”), some almost bored me to death (“Follies”); all in all, I book for every season, before I get too old.
  4. Consult the Theatre Monkey. Especially if you decide to splurge on some must-see play, make sure you get the best possible seat for your money. This website contains advice on choosing seats in all London theatres.
  5. Get £10 tickets at Young Vic. For under 25-year-olds they offer £10 tickets for each play as well as “lucky dip” tickets: you find out your seats on the day of the show.  


While London isn’t the cheapest place to live in, here you can enjoy theatre even if on a budget, especially if you’re lucky enough to be young and a student. Now, enough writing, time to book some tickets! 

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