Malawi Medical Elective

Finals are done! Now we get the exciting task of going on our medical electives to finish off med school. Imperial have kindly funded partial bits of it and first stop: Malawi.

I am travelling with my good friend in my year, Emma Larsson. We are joining an e-health research project here in Malawi. To put it into perspective on the Human Development Index, Malawi is placed 171 out of 189 countries.

We travelled around the local hospitals today, meeting the teams we will be working with. I have done 2000+ days of med school but today was the most important day of them all. Truly eye-opening.

The hospitals are severely under-resourced but the enthusiasm from the workers and the dedication they have is admirable.

Really looking forward to getting stuck into work here, but for now here are some images of our days so far.


E-health team
Emergency Medicine
Hospital Ward
Operating Theatre

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