Plant-Based Budget Survival Guide!

With Imperial being in London, it’s more than simple to get some plant-based grub! Right on campus, there’s a vegan restaurant that serves up a variety of cuisines that are entirely plant based. On top of that, every restaurant on campus offers plant-based options; from tofu dishes to veggie burgers.

If you love cooking and like me, cooking is where you find solace from the hustle or you’re simply on a tighter budget, cooking is the way to go! Although it can be true that eating plant-based may cost more, I’m here to give you some insider tips on how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to grocery shopping! I’ve done a whole year’s worth of investigation and it’s safe to say that I’ve got a pretty good guide for you!

1. Buy in bulk
Buying things in bulk, especially kitchen staples like flour, sugar, salt, herbs and spices will definitely cost less in the long run! Head to your favourite grocer and keep these stocked up in your pantry! If you’re afraid that it’d be too much that you’d never get to use them up, you could share these items with your housemates as well! Another plus, it’s better for the environment!

2. Buy your favourite pulses dried
Chickpeas, kidney beans black beans and all, it may be tempting to buy them in the cans that are pre-booked/soaked and it may seem rather cheap initially, but if you buy them dried, it is a lot cheaper! One downside is you’d need to soak them for a couple of hours prior to cooking or you’d need to cook them longer but that’s totally worth the trade-off.

3. Buy locally grown produce
Head to your nearest farmers market and scoop up some fresh fruits and vegetables at a fraction of the price at the grocers! I don’t mean the South Kensington farmers market because honestly, it’s too bougie and I’m broke.

4. Meal prep
Prepare your meals for the week in advance! This ensures that you’d always have food at home ready to go and you won’t need to resort to take-out or delivery. Plus, it’s always satisfying to see all the food that you’ve cooked up, take a few pictures and send them to your family to prove that you’re adulting right.

5. Keep on watch for good bargains!
Your local grocers will have regular deals and discounts so keep a watch on them! I find so much joy in snagging up good deals. I’ve actually got a deal buddy and we send each other good deals that we find at the grocers and I find this friendship beautiful AHAHHAHAH.

That’s about if for this entry! Of course there are more but I’ll leave those for a future post! Have fun snagging deals and let’s spread the joy and love of plant-based food!

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    1. Hi Naomi! Many departments have kitchenettes that’s fitted with microwaves. In Mech Eng for example, there’s the BOSS Space!

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