5 Tips to Help You Get Through Post-Freshers Blues

Its the end of first term and with second term just around the corner, I find myself packing my suitcase with a slightly heavy heart. The last time I was packing for uni, I had no idea what was waiting for me but I knew it was going to be exciting. Fresher’s week came with new friends and experiences and, surprisingly, so did the weeks following it but sadly, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. The last few weeks of the term came with fewer lectures and a lot more exams and when the exams ended it was time to go home.

I know when I go back to uni now I don’t have a week full of fun activities to join in on and I can’t deny that I feel disappointed. On the positive side, I’ve realised that just because Fresher’s week is over, doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! So, for anyone feeling the same way, here’s my list of 5 things you can do to help push through those post-freshers blues.



Meeting people, whether they’re old friends or new, is always a great way to remind yourself of that first week of uni and for those of you who didn’t have the opportunity to do so, it can also be a way to join in and feel like you’re part of the Imperial community. Organise dinner with your flatmates or have a movie night in your accommodation when you get back. Going on a night out can also be a great way to get those endorphins rushing but if if you fancy something cheaper or have exams to be revising for, there’s always the option to have a group study session or go to a nice coffee shop with your friends instead.


Join Societies

Even though a whole term has passed, its not too late to join a society and the best thing is, you won’t be the only one! Maybe you were getting to grips with your timetable and workload last term and didn’t have time or you just weren’t too sure if a particular society was “your thing”- whatever your reason, you don’t need to wait until second year to join. Most societies will have a stall at the Welcome Back Fair (which is on the 22nd of February this year) so feel free to sign up!


Go to Student Union Events 

After spending a whole term at Imperial, I can safely say that going to one of the college’s events is probably one of the best ways to take you back to Freshers Week. Whether its an infamous ACC Sports Night or a pub crawl, SU events give you the opportunity to get to know your peers as well as meet new ones. Don’t worry if you don’t get the chance to speak to a certain someone on the day- chances are there will lots of funny stories from the night if you need conversation starters for lectures!



I think a lot of us forget that a major part of Freshers Week was about settling in and getting to grips with uni life. For those of you living in halls, I would highly recommend bringing small furniture or books from back home to decorate your room with and give it a more homely feel. If you’re up for it, spending a bit of money and giving your room a makeover might also be a fun way to go back to that “a new chapter begins now” vibe. It doesn’t have to be much –  a few houseplants or a new cushion can make a big difference to any room. This goes out to all of you commuters as well – why not give your own room a bit of a makeover?


Get into a Routine

I know right now uni is a lot about work, work and more work but it doesn’t have to be. I’m not going to lecture you about having a good work life balance but I will say that its honestly so important. The amount of work I have now compared to when I first started is noticeably different and, sometimes, I do end up feeling swamped with problem sheets and deadlines. For fellow procrastinators like myself, here’s a tip – say “no” more often. I’m often envious of my friends who seem to be on top of work, can go out clubbing and are able to get out of bed so they can hit the gym. This usually leads to me saying “yes’ to anything not related to work but I’ve realised that just because you have to miss one night out doesn’t mean you can’t go to another. If you get things done and then treat yourself, you’ll feel much better about things in general. Also, for those of you who are hard at work and still feel swamped, remember to take it slow – pace yourself, you’ve made it this far so don’t burn out now!

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