Axe throwing

When I’m not doing problem sheets, or writing lab reports, or reading ‘recommended reading’ so dense with acronyms I just skip entire paragraphs, I try to relax.

Of course, working out regularly and going to Taekwondo really helps in this regard. But sometimes you just feel like it’s become a routine. A routine where being 2+ weeks behind on problem sheets and taking longer then you estimated to complete anything is the routine.

Ergo, it’s great to break that routine. Recently, RCSU – the science subjects union, organised a trip to Urban Axe Throwing. I don’t know how they know these people exist, but it’s fantastic that they put these things together, particularly since as a teetotal I don’t go to socials at clubs or bars.

The ease to learn to throw surprised me some,
One can in but a single session learn.
With only four attempts my axe did stick.
A team at first, we cheer as others learnt.

Then man on man a competition starts.
To each to choose a stratagem
Over the head, two handed throw, or
Upon one’s side to lift and toss

Lest I did not do so well when pitted
In such a way. Standing close a pace too near
My axe, it bounced, again, again, every time

A single step, it made all the difference
Do I resent my loss? The fun that exceeded by far.

The opportunity to talk to other older students on the physics course was also appreciated, giving me a better impression of what is to come in the months ahead.

Events like this are also heavily subsidised by the university’s student union, which is unbeatable when it comes to prices. There’s hundreds of opportunities you only get so cheaply as a student. These are also particularly easy to get involved in, as unlike societies, there is no sense of needing to commit.

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