It’s not a productivity contest

The lockdown and the uncertainty of the current climate have taken a toll on everyone’s mental health and wellbeing. Some managed to cope impressively well with the situation whereas others might be slightly or seriously struggling. Social media has proven vital to remain in touch with family and friends with whom you don’t live. But, it can be detrimental to one’s ability to cope as it encourages people to compare themselves with others.

If you are managing to remain motivated and productive during these trying times, then this is absolutely commendable regardless of what is motivating you to work. Motivation can take many forms: wanting to self-improve, trying to fill free time and/or trying to escape the current climate. Many people, who are keeping busy, tend to share it with their friends and followers on social media though. Everyone is entitled to posting whatever they choose. But, constantly seeing how much more everyone else is achieving in a day can be quite harmful especially you are struggling to get out of bed.

This blog is not to attack those productive people. In fact, it has nothing to do with them. This is for anyone who feels that they are not doing enough because they are comparing themselves to others. The feeling of guilt can be discouraging and it may kill any motivation you have. Any progress made in times like these is a victory. Don’t put yourself down. You’re not in a productivity contest with anyone.

Even if you are struggling to do anything at all, it’s okay. If your sleep is erratic, it is okay. If you are feeling anxious all the time, it’s okay. It’s not your fault. It’s totally acceptable to admit that you are not doing well. Many people are in similar positions me included. Sometimes, you may have the motivation and the determination but your circumstances don’t help.

I don’t have any magical tips to help you or me get through it. But, you don’t have to go at it alone. Reach out to friends, family or whomever you feel comfortable opening up to. If you need to talk to someone urgently, please consider calling or writing to Samaritans.

Don’t be harsh on yourself and stay safe.






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