How I live VERY comfortably off £300 a month

A few of my juniors from college asked me about my monthly expenses. I thought I’d share mine here, so I don’t have to repeat the same thing to tons of other people. So yeah, £300, this includes utility bills, eating out, entertainment, groceries and pretty much everything, aside from rent! I still go out to eat every now and then, hang out with friends, buy gifts and all.

My monthly grocery runs would be about £35. I know that sounds crazy but hear me out. One, I eat mostly plant-based. Veggies and fruits are far cheaper than meat products so that’s already a save there. I still hit my daily macros! With beans and legumes, I can easily reach my daily protein requirements without resorting to protein powder. We all know how expensive those things are. I also take advantage of the restaurant and supermarket closing hours! They slash the prices when the stores are about to be closed. So, you know where to find me at 8/9 pm *wink wink. Yeah, my freezer? It’s usually got frozen reduced bread in there aside from all the other goodies that I managed to sweep up like that reduced “artisanal pizza” or that reduced vegan sausage. Yup, all reduced food in there. I call it my reduced treasure chest. Going to the supermarket is like a treasure hunt and it’s so much fun to scoop up good deals!

Eating out or delivery? I only do that on special occasions. Birthdays, when I’m sick of my own cooking  (rarely happens coz I’m always experimenting in the kitchen) or that one time when I’m really craving for a warm bowl of shoyu ramen, these are the only times when I eat out! Other than that, I cook everything myself! From baking chiffon cakes, Hong Kong egg tarts, to whipping up hearty buddha bowls or a spicy bowl of Chickpea Curry, I spend almost all my time at home in the kitchen! It certainly helps if you enjoy cooking. It’s a form of therapy for me, allowing my mind to take a break from all the sciencing that I do every day.

I also don’t ever buy anything. I only have the few pieces of clothing that I’m sure my friends see me wear every day but that is pretty much all I need! I won’t call myself a minimalist as I get easily emotionally attached to the things that I own, so I hold on to a lot of my things. That piece of twine that was wrapped around my present from a friend? Yeah, I still have that in my drawer. Even the wrapping paper. Call me a hoarder, I’m not even the slightest bit offended HAHAAHAH!

I only own a few pieces of clothing that’s versatile so it’s easy to mix and match. One winter jacket, one casual outerwear, one water-resistant jacket, a few hoodies and jumpers, 2 pairs of jeans and a few khakis, that’s about it. Oh, and my workout clothes which I have more of, coz enjoy working out and I feel like it’s okay to invest in a few solid pieces. If I do ever need any new clothes, I’ll just check out the thrift store or a charity shop. One way to hold back on those shopping impulses is what I call a 3-day rule. Give yourself 3 days to ask, “Do I ACTUALLY need this?” If after 3 days, you realised that you can’t live without owning that really cute pair of Corgi socks, then, by all means, go get it.

My monthly bills (utility and telephone) is about £55, I usually spend around £45 eating out and £35 for events such as birthdays and all. The rest are miscellaneous things like topping up my Oyster card, donations, household essentials. It also accounts for concerts, plays or entertainment events! So yeah! I still get to live comfortably and usually, I don’t even hit the £300 mark! Sure, there are some things that you have to sacrifice but what I want to show you is that your money can go a long way as long as you are disciplined enough, and is clear on your intentions! If you have more questions or need clarity, just slide into my DMs on Instagram @max_ting98 (shameless plug * wink wink)!

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