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When you’re a student, it’s good time to start serious thinking about your career development. CVs, cover letters, interviews, internships, graduate schemes… all of these can be daunting for someone unfamiliar with the professional world.

Thankfully, Imperial doesn’t leave you alone with that as Careers Service offers you all necessary career development support. Don’t underestimate its value! In my case, Careers Service has proved useful several times already.

The range of available services is wide. There are lots of online resources, e.g. the CV writing guide and interview preparation tips. Additionally, you can book one-to-one tailored sessions, where you get personalised help with job applications and interviews. Everything is free of charge!

My experience with Careers Service has been very positive so far. For example, in the first year, I applied for an external scholarship scheme and got to the face-to-face behavioural interview stage. It was my first interview of such type and this is where I found a mock interview session useful. The booking process was straightforward: I just had to fill in a simple form and attach it with my original job application to an e-mail to Careers Service. In the session itself, I had a chance to practice my stress management, speaking, body language and answering questions in general. Afterwards, my mock interviewer discussed thoroughly my performance with me and gave me his written feedback at the end. Thanks to the session, I got to know some extra questions I hadn’t prepared for before. Later, in the real interview, one such question actually appeared!

Currently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Careers Service doesn’t hold any face-to-face meetings. However, it hasn’t shut down! Its services are now available online, including remote consultations. Praise for that, especially when many students are left with cancelled internships.

As always, stay safe 🙂

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