A Trip to Wembley Boxpark

I have been thriving after the end of lukewarm exam season and finally for the love of God, wrapping up my last summative assessment which went well, I think. I finally met up with some friends I have not seen since last year and have missed immensely. We walked to the Boxpark in Wembley and we had a great time. It is basically a huge street food style building with stalls for all the vendors and lots of seating with plants and fairy lights strung up around railings and staircases. The vibes are excellent, but do not forget to bring some ID if you are visiting after 8pm.

It is a short walk from Wembley Park Station where you can connect to the Metropolitan line. I walked there through the London Designer Outlet where people are sprawled across stone steps, lying on grass or watching children run through the freezing water at the fountains near the Wembley Arena.

The Wembley Boxpark has been busy for a while because of the matches at the stadium but it was surprisingly chill when we went to Drums and Flats, which is a small business I have recommended in a past blog. We stuffed ourselves with crispy chicken burgers, sweet potato fries, mac and cheese and halloumi. I would have ordered fried plantain, but it was not on the menu that day, such a shame! We finished the entire mountain of food we ordered, and I would definitely go back it was a ten out of ten.

After chatting and catching up with each other and all the university shenanigans we got up to this year, we headed just across the way to T4 to get bubble tea, I really recommend the rose milk tea. The tea was amazing warm which I got because it had just started to rain outside. Here’s fingers crossed for a rain free July, although it doesn’t look good (I have revisited this after a few days, and I just got caught in the rain in a t-shirt so I think there is your answer). We exchanged long overdue birthday presents and my friend Stephanie got me a planner, a book about Maya Angelou, a personalised bookmark and an amalgamation of small thoughtful gifts that I have already put to use.

Chef’s kiss to the person with the aux because the music was so good, a lot of familiar RnB songs from my own playlists, the people at the table behind us pretty much turned it into their own personal karaoke. I plan to head back to the Boxpark soon to go to Zia Lucia a traditional style pizza vendor that caught my eye while Iwas there and also to Bad Axe Throwing which as the name suggests you can throw axes at targets badly for 45 minutes either through bookings or walk ins.

Looking at the list of current street vendors, I see this becoming one of my favourite London spots. Caribbean, Mexican, Philipino, Japanese and Indian food all under one roof? Sign me up!

That was a quick itinerary for an evening at Wembley Boxpark, I have linked in all the vendors and businesses mentioned, what are your favourite places to eat in London?

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