Feeling Bored? 6 Societies You Might Want to Try Out at Imperial

It’s likely that the first words that come to your mind when you think about Imperial students are “academic-driven”, “hard-working” and “conscientious”. No wonder, coursework and exams are certainly not a piece of cake and without regular studying and a good deal of effort none of us would have been able to get through. Still, even the most diligent and keen students will agree that there’s so much more to university than studying. One thing that makes it interesting and a lot more fun is the myriad of societies you can participate in. They are so versatile that anyone is bound to find something for themselves, but don’t take my word for it – read on to find out some of the most unique and exciting societies at Imperial.


I find few things as relaxing as spending time in nature. Calming green scenery, soothing sounds of nature and lungs full of fresh air is in my experience a fool proof way of recharging batteries. Although you can find many lovely parks around London, there’s nothing like a day trip away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle of the UK’s capital. Imperial’s hiking society, Fellwanderers, comes to the rescue for those yearning for a break from the chaotic, crowded and noisy day-to-day reality.


Not feeling quite ready for a day-long activity but still up for some outdoor exercise? The dog walking society might be the right choice for you. It’s such a simple yet brilliant idea that all of us dog lovers are probably wondering how come this society has been established only recently. It’s not only great fun, but your body will be extremely grateful too. Getting a regular dose of light exercise such as walking is a guaranteed mood-booster that can do wonders to your quality of sleep and studying efficiency.


Vegan diet is taking the world by storm and it’s easier and easier to find a good variety of plant-based restaurants and supermarkets all around the globe, with London being no exception in this area. If you want to take your vegan or vegetarian experience to the next level look no further than VegSoc. Expect vegan-themed events, visits to stylish plant-based restaurants and a weekly fix of mouth-watering recipes. But rest assured, everyone is welcome to join! Even if you’re not quite sure about giving up meat entirely, as long as you’re keen on exploring out vegan cuisine, all the delicious events are open to you.

FilmSoc and Cinema

Although you can’t study film at Imperial, you can certainly grow the passion for cinema here. From the greatest masterpieces to the wackiest films, the range of styles, themes and genres that you can explore at FilmSoc gives real food for thought. If you’re a film lover, you don’t want to miss out on this one!

Alternatively, Cinema society is a great way to keep up with the big movie premieres, where you can watch all the blockbusters on a big screen for a very low price and no need to travel out of campus. The biggest cinema fans won’t be disappointed to hear that there are movie marathons so you can enjoy your favourite films all night long.

Harry Potter Society

London is famous for its many historical landmarks, cultural sites and works of art, so it’s virtually impossible to choose the top attraction. Fortunately, Imperial students have the privilege of enjoying the city on a daily basis so there’s no need to give up one place in favour of another. Fans of the beloved Harry Potter franchise, are lucky to be able to choose from multiple sites to visit: iconic Platform 9 ¾ at the King’s Cross station, the acclaimed “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” West End play or the famous Harry Potter tour. And Imperial is not staying behind either! The Harry Potter Society unites the fans of J.K. Rowling’s magical world among the college students so you can meet like-minded people and nurture your passion.

Personally, I have found being a part of society an amazing experience that has given me a sense of belonging to community and a space where I can unwind after a hard day. The only tricky part is that with over 350 societies on offer, deciding which society to join can be a challenge. But once you make up your mind and join one, you’ll be glad you did! Life-long memories guaranteed.

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