How To Enjoy West End Musicals With A Budget

One of the biggest highlights in London is its abundance of musicals and shows in the West End. From classics such as The Phantom of the Opera to new musicals such as Dear Evan Hansen, everyone is certain to find something that they can enjoy. However, musical tickets can get pretty pricey too, and as a student on a budget, it can sometimes be hard to enjoy these privileges. I hope to use this blog to show some tricks and insights on how to get cheaper show tickets!

  1. Buy tickets for preview shows
    Preview periods often last between a week and a month depending on the size of the production. During this period of time, the show is still being chopped and adjusted, and slight changes might still be made ahead of the press night. However, preview shows can also often be much cheaper than after the press performances, allowing you to enjoy the show without putting a dent in your wallet!
  2. Rush tickets
    Rush tickets are my favourite way of getting tickets. One of the best things that comes with being a student is the flexibility that comes with it. Rush tickets are tickets that are sold at a much cheaper price on the show day, in order to fill up the empty seats. Stall tickets can go down to as low as 25 pounds, and rush tickets are available for a large number of popular shows too! Just be sure to log on to TodayTix at 10am on the day that you would like to watch the musical, and try your luck at getting some Rush Tickets.
  3. Lottery tickets
    Some musicals/shows offer lottery tickets on TodayTix as well. These are released typically on a weekly basis, allowing people to enter a lottery to watch a show/musical for a cheap price. A lot of people often think that it is quite tough to get your hands on some lottery tickets, but most of the musicals I have watched in London are because of lottery tickets, so don’t give up!
  4. Purchase some stand-by tickets!
    Stand-by tickets are typically returned and unsold tickets for the evening’s performance. You can go directly to the theatre’s box office and ask whether there are any standby tickets available, and you most often won’t be disappointed! And even if you are, loads of theatres in London are situated near one another, and you can easily walk over to the next theatre to try your luck!

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