Part-time opportunities for international postgraduate students in London

Written by Ashima Khanna, MSc Applied Biosciences and Biotechnology

London, the vibrant and multicultural capital of England, offers an array of opportunities for international students pursuing their postgraduate studies. While focusing on your studies is important, many students also seek part-time employment to support themselves financially and to gain valuable work experience. This blog will delve into various part-time options available for postgraduate international students in London. 

On-campus jobs: 

Universities in London often have a range of on-campus employment opportunities exclusively available to students. These jobs can include research positions (for M. Research students only), student ambassadors, consulting projects at Imperial Consulting Group, and sales assistants at college cafes and the Union shop. On-campus jobs offer flexibility in terms of working hours and are usually tailored to accommodate students’ study schedules.  

Retail and hospitality: 

London boasts a thriving retail and hospitality sector, making it a popular choice for part-time employment. Numerous cafés, restaurants, bars, hotels, and retail outlets regularly hire part-time staff. While these positions may not be directly related to your field of study, they provide excellent customer service and interpersonal skills development opportunities. 

Tutoring and academic support: 

London is home to a vast student population, and there is always a demand for private tutors or academic support assistants. If you excel in a particular subject or possess strong research and writing skills, you can consider offering tutoring services or assisting fellow students with their academic work. Online tutoring platforms can also provide opportunities to connect with students globally. 

Internships and work placements: 

Internships and work placements allow students to gain industry-specific experience while studying. Many organisations in London offer part-time internships that align with various fields of study. These opportunities provide practical skills and enhance networking and future employment prospects. 


Volunteering is an excellent way to give back to the community, develop new skills, and expand your network. Numerous charitable organisations, museums, art galleries, and events in London regularly seek volunteers. Volunteering adds value to your resume and allows you to make a positive impact and learn about the local culture. 

Language teaching: 

If you are proficient in a language other than English, you can explore opportunities to teach your native language. Language schools, private tutoring, and language exchange programs often look for individuals who can provide language instruction. Sharing your language and culture can be a rewarding experience and help you connect with people from different backgrounds.  


As a postgraduate international student in London, you have various part-time options to support yourself financially and gain valuable work experience. Whether you choose on-campus jobs, retail and hospitality, tutoring, internships, volunteering, or language teaching, it’s essential to balance your work commitments with your academic responsibilities. Remember to familiarise yourself with employment and visa regulations and consult the university’s Career Service and International Student Support team for guidance on finding part-time opportunities and ensure you are eligible to work in the UK. 

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