ABLE General Meeting

Able@Imperial is the College’s staff forum open to all disabled staff, staff who support disabled dependents, and staff who have an interest in disability in the workplace. This is the newest staff group established in August 2013.

AbleThe next ABLE general meeting will be held on Thursday 11th September at South Kensington:

  • If there are any particular topics you want to talk about or have more information on please get in contact with Sarah Shemilt.
  • The Faculty of Medicine HQ are happy to provide financial support for taxis to allow individuals or groups in the FoM from other campuses to attend meetings at South Kensington. If you are interested in this please get in touch with Sarah Shemilt.
  • HR have said that if anyone in any area of the College is having problems getting time off to attend the meeting they can provide assistance to allow you to attend. Again, if you need this please get in touch with Sarah Shemilt.

The Surgery and Cancer contact is Rachael Waddington, so please get in touch for any local help or guidance.

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