Outreach activity from APMIC

150224_fringe_animals_099Dr Robert Dickinson & Rita Campos Pires from APMIC took part in a public engagement event as part of the Imperial Fringe series, that focussed on how and why scientists and doctors use animals in research.  Their stand focussed on how new treatments for brain injuries may be developed using a variety of techniques from modelling simulations, to in vitro tissue experiments and in vivo animal models of brain injury.

For more information please see the Imperial News item on the event.

Dr Dickinson & Rita Campos Pires also took part in an outreach activity at the innovative Lab 13 at Gillespie Primary School in Highbury where they talked about how the brain and the body work with groups of pupils from Years 2, 4 and 6.

In the photograph Rita is demonstrating to the pupils how the lungs work with the aid of a medical mannequin.

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