STRATiGRAD PhD students win funding for symposium two years running

StratiFran Jackson and Nancy Georgakopoulou, two STRATiGRAD PhD students in CSM have been awarded funds by the Imperial College Graduate School through their Cohort Building Activity Funding Scheme to travel to Cork to attend a symposium.

The symposium is entitled ‘Mining Microbes for Mankind’; University College Cork/Imperial College London Joint Postgraduate Symposium and will be focussing on gut microbiome research using molecular biology and multi-omics technologies.

The event will be held at the end of September in Cork this year, and will be the second annual workshop and networking event between STRATiGRAD cohort Imperial College London (ICL) and microbiome researchers from University College Cork (UCC). 20 postgraduate students from each University will partake in the 3 day symposium which will involve lectures, student oral presentations, training workshops and round table discussions on the role of the microbiota in gastrointestinal health.

Both centres are interested in the interaction of the gut microbiome and host health, this networking event is to integrate knowledge and training between our centres. By interacting at a postgraduate level, it will promote awareness in students from both parties and open up the opportunity for future, and hopefully, lasting collaborations.

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