Departmental news round up

Professor Jeremy Nicholson:
• has been appointed a Visiting Professor at the University of New South Wales
• delivered a lecture: Systems medicine: facing personalised and public healthcare: challenges in a changing and dangerous world – Institute of Foundational Medicine, Austin Texas, 28 – 30 May

Professor Bob Brown and Dr. Luca Magnani are part of an ambitious European consortium working on breast cancer drug resistance and were awarded 2 EU funded PhD positions

Professor Vivette Glover is giving the Victor Horsley Lecture at the annual meeting of the BMA on “Prenatal mental health- how supporting the mother can have long term benefits for the child.”

Dr Hector Keun just took part in a panel debate on “How life affects your genes” (the exposome and epigenetics) at the Cheltenham Science Festival last Weds, together with Prof Frank Kelly (Kings) and chaired by Vivienne Parry (OBE, and MRC Board)

Dr Sadaf Ghaem-Maghami has been appointed as the Chair of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

A Scientific Afternoon, chaired by Prof Phil Bennett, was held on 1st June to mark the retirement of Professor Malcolm Parker.

Dr Luca Magnani, JRF working with Prof Charles Coombes, was invited for a talk at the prestigious Gordon Conference “Hormone-Dependent Cancers”

Dr. Monica Faronato won the best poster award at the BSCB Spring Meeting in Warwick with her work on DMXL2 (paper published 2 weeks ago)

Scientists involved in Breast Cancer research met with breast cancer patients at an “open-house” event organised by Kelly Gleason. The event was a great success and provided scientists and patients with an opportunity to engage directly and further insight into translational research and patient benefit.

Ian Flindall’s abstract Structured cues or modafinil for fatigue amelioration in clinicians ? A double blind randomised controlled trial of critical clinical information recall in fatigued clinicians has been accepted for an oral presentation in the 2015 Scientific Forum program and has been selected for an Excellence in Research Award for the category of Education.

Dr Steve Brett had a successful publication of a project which involved a collaboration between the Faculties of Medicine, Engineering and industry.

Dame Mary Archer visited CSM and the new Data Visualisation Suite – 11th June 2015.

Professor Ara Darzi was invited to contribute a blog to the Royal College of Surgeons’ recently launched blog site.  His blog on ‘Surgery and the Future of the NHS’ went live on their website on the 1st June.

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