Prof Takats makes shortlist for £20 million CRUK grand challenge award

42680bc_cruk_gc_infographic_2016_design_stage02_v3Last year, CRUK set seven Grand Challenges opening an international call for bold ideas which would benefit from £20 million funding. After receiving 57 applications from 25 different countries they shortlisted 9 international teams. Charting unknown territory: mapping what we don’t know about a tumourheaded by Dr Josephine Bunch (National Physical Laboratory) is the challenge Professor Zoltan Takats forms part of.

Grand Challenge awards are the most ambitious cancer research grants in the world. They’re intended to catalyse a revolution in how to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer by bringing together the brightest minds from around the globe.

Find out more about the group Charting unknown territory: mapping what we don’t know about a tumour as well as all the other teams.

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