Helping Inspire Underprivileged Students to Study Medicine

imperialmed-215--tojpeg_1439822743046_x2Dr Frankie Bolt (Research Associate in Microbial Metabonomics) is involved in planning an event on the evening of the 8th of September at Charing Cross Hospital as part of the Imperial Pathways to Medicine programme, which encourages students from underprivileged backgrounds to apply for medical school. As part of this event two workshops will be running for students on the programme:

Discussing cancer diagnostics:  Clinical research fellows and scientists will work through case studies with the students and a presentation on the iKnife and cancer diagnostics will be given.

Introducing students to diagnostics for clinical microbiology:  The team will demonstrate how Rapid Evaporative Ionisation Mass Spectrometry (REIMS) is being developed for microbial diagnostics. The students will then work in teams lead by Clinical Research Fellows and scientists to solve and curb an outbreak.

Find out more about the Imperial Pathways to Medicine Programme.


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