Latest publications: August-September 2020

Congratulations to members of the Department who have recently had their research findings published. Here’s our round-up of recent publication successes.*

Title Date Authors OR Authors/Contributors Types Canonical journal title
2018 FIGO Staging Classification for Cervical Cancer: Added Benefits of Imaging. 18/09/2020 Salib MY, Russell JHB, Stewart VR, Sudderuddin SA, Barwick TD, Rockall AG, Bharwani N Journal Article Radiographics
A practical Guide to preclinical systematic review and meta-analysis 01/09/2020 Soliman N, Rice A, Vollert J Article Pain
A scoring system for 3D surface images of breast reconstruction developed using the Delphi consensus process. 2020-09 Godden AR, Wood SH, James SE, MacNeill FA, Rusby JE Journal Article European Journal of Surgical Oncology
A systematic review exploring the patient decision-making factors and attitudes towards pre-implantation genetic testing for aneuploidy and gender selection 30/08/2020 Bracewell-Milnes T, Saso S, Jones B, Cato S, Parikh R, Thum M-Y, Johnson M, Almeida P, Norman-Taylor J, Nikolaou D Review, Early Access, Journal Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica
Adaptive kinematic modelling for multiobjective control of a redundant surgical robotic tool 31/08/2020 Cursi F, Mylonas GP, Kormushev P Article Robotics
Adult intensive care unit admissions with severe COVID-19 infection following emergency Caesarean section deliveries: A case series 26/08/2020 Morton S, Lamont H, Silvey N, Browning T, Hayes M, Keays R, Christie L, Davies R, Singh S, Lockie C, Sisson A, Vizcaychipi M Article Journal of the Intensive Care Society
Airway Inflammation and Host Responses in the Era of CFTR Modulators. 02/09/2020 Keown K, Brown R, Doherty DF, Houston C, McKelvey MC, Creane S, Linden D, McAuley DF, Kidney JC, Weldon S, Downey DG, Taggart CC Journal Article, Review International Journal of Molecular Sciences
An exploratory analysis of objective responses to neoadjuvant chemotherapy: results from a randomised phase III trial evaluating first-line carboplatin-paclitaxel regimens for ovarian, fallopian tube or primary peritoneal carcinoma (ICON8) 18/09/2020 McNeish I Journal article The Lancet Oncology
Association Between Administration of Systemic Corticosteroids and Mortality Among Critically Ill Patients With COVID-19: A Meta-analysis. 02/09/2020 WHO Rapid Evidence Appraisal for COVID-19 Therapies (REACT) Working Group, Sterne JAC, Murthy S, Diaz JV, Slutsky AS, Villar J, Angus DC, Annane D, Azevedo LCP, Berwanger O, Cavalcanti AB, Dequin P-F, Du B, Emberson J, Fisher D, Giraudeau B, Gordon AC, Granholm A, Green C, Haynes R, Heming N, Higgins JPT, Horby P, Jüni P, Landray MJ, Le Gouge A, Leclerc M, Lim WS, Machado FR, McArthur C, Meziani F, Møller MH, Perner A, Petersen MW, Savovic J, Tomazini B, Veiga VC, Webb S, Marshall JC Journal Article JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association
Baricitinib for COVID-19: a suitable treatment? – Authors’ reply. 2020-09 Richardson PJ, Corbellino M, Stebbing J Letter, Comment Lancet Infectious Diseases
Cam Osteochondroplasty for Femoroacetabular Impingement Increases Microinstability in Deep Flexion: A Cadaveric Study. 11/09/2020 Geoffrey Ng KC, El Daou H, Bankes MJK, Rodriguez Y Baena F, Jeffers JRT Journal Article Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopy and Related Surgery
Can self-management programmes change healthcare utilisation in COPD?: A systematic review and framework analysis. 02/09/2020 Smalley KR, Aufegger L, Flott K, Mayer EK, Darzi A Journal Article, Review Patient Education and Counseling
Can we replace adjuvant chemotherapy with surveillance for stage IA-C immature ovarian teratomas of any grade? an international multicenter analysis. 2020-09 Bergamini A, Sarwar N, Ferrandina G, Scarfone G, Short D, Aguiar X, Camnasio C, Kaur B, Savage PM, Cormio G, Lim A, Pignata S, Mangili G, Seckl MJ Journal Article European Journal of Cancer
Cancer Loyalty Card Study (CLOCS): protocol for an observational case-control study focusing on the patient interval in ovarian cancer diagnosis. 08/09/2020 Brewer HR, Hirst Y, Sundar S, Chadeau-Hyam M, Flanagan JM Journal Article BMJ Open
Catheter ablation vs. thoracoscopic surgical ablation in long-standing persistent atrial fibrillation: CASA-AF randomized controlled trial. 29/08/2020 Haldar S, Khan HR, Boyalla V, Kralj-Hans I, Jones S, Lord J, Onyimadu O, Satishkumar A, Bahrami T, De Souza A, Clague JR, Francis DP, Hussain W, Jarman JW, Jones DG, Chen Z, Mediratta N, Hyde J, Lewis M, Mohiaddin R, Salukhe TV, Murphy C, Kelly J, Khattar RS, Toff WD, Markides V, McCready J, Gupta D, Wong T, CASA-AF Investigators Journal Article European Heart Journal
CB(1)receptor-dependent desensitisation of TRPV1 channels contributes to the analgesic effect of dipyrone in sensitised primary sensory neurons 06/09/2020 Goncalves dos Santos G, Li R, Ng MPE, Lemes JBP, Vieira WF, Nagy I, Tambeli CH, Parada CA Article, Early Access, Journal British Journal of Pharmacology
Challenges of Total Endovascular Repair of Chronic Type B Aortic Dissection. 07/09/2020 Hamady M, Bicknell C Editorial Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology
Changing paradigm of sacral neuromodulation and external anal sphincterrepair for faecal incontinence in specialist centres. 07/09/2020 Ong K, Bordeianou L, Brunner M, Buntzen S, Collie M, Hanly A, Hunt CW, Matzel KE, Ronan O’Connell P, Rydningen M, Savitt L, Totaro A, Vaizey CJ, Maeda Y Journal Article Colorectal Disease
Characterization of the Cytokine Storm Reflects Hyperinflammatory Endothelial Dysfunction in COVID-19. 10/09/2020 Sims JT, Krishnan V, Chang C-Y, Engle SM, Casalini G, Rodgers GH, Bivi N, Nickoloff BJ, Konrad RJ, de Bono S, Higgs RE, Benschop RJ, Ottaviani S, Cardoso A, Nirula A, Corbellino M, Stebbing J Journal Article Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Clinical, Imaging and Procedural Risk Factors for Intrauterine Infective Complications After Uterine Fibroid Embolisation: A Retrospective Case Control Study. 26/08/2020 Mollier J, Patel NR, Amoah A, Hamady M, Quinn SD Journal Article Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology
COVID-19 pandemic: Building organisational flexibility to scale transplant programs 2020-09 Papalois V, Gopal JP Journal article World Journal of Transplantation
CSF rhinorrhoea after endonasal intervention to the anterior skull base (CRANIAL): proposal for a prospective multicentre observational cohort study. 10/09/2020 Khan DZ, Bandyopadhyay S, Patel V, Schroeder BE, Cabrilo I, Choi D, Cudlip SA, Donnelly N, Dorward NL, Fountain DM, Grieve J, Halliday J, Kolias AG, Mannion RJ, O’Donnell A, Phillips N, Piper RJ, Ramachandran B, Santarius T, Sayal P, Sharma R, Solomou G, Tysome JR, Marcus HJ, Neurology and Neurosurgery Interest Group (NANSIG), British Neurosurgical Trainee Research Collaborative (BNTRC), and CRANIAL Steering Committee, Alalade AF, Ahmed S, Al-Barazi S, Al-Mahfoudh R, Bahl A, Bennett D, Bhalla R, Bhatt P, Dow G, Giamouriadis A, Gilkes C, Gnanalingham K, Hanna B, Hayhurst C, Hempenstall J, Hossain-Ibrahim K, Hughes M, Javadpour M, Jenkins A, Kamel M, Habibullah Khan M, Lacy P, Maratos E, Martin A, Mathad N, Mendoza N, Mirza S, Muquit S, Nair R, Nicholson C, Paluzzi A, Paraskevopoulos D, Pathmanaban O, Pollock J, Ram B, Robertson I, Ross P, Shaw S, Shoakazemi A, Sinha S, Stapleton S, Statham P, Stew B, Thomas N, Tsermoulas G, Weir P, Williams A Journal Article British Journal of Neurosurgery
Development and implementation of a COVID-19 near real-time traffic light system in an acute hospital setting. 18/09/2020 Vizcaychipi MP, Shovlin CL, McCarthy A, Howard A, Brown A, Hayes M, Singh S, Christie L, Sisson A, Davies R, Lockie C, Popescu M, Gupta A, Armstrong J, Said H, Peters T, T Keays R, ChelWest COVID-19 Consortium Journal Article Emergency Medicine Journal
Direct incorporation of [ 18F] into aliphatic systems: A promising Mncatalysed labelling technique for PET imaging. 07/09/2020 Cesarec S, Robson JA, Carroll LS, Aboagye EO, Spivey AC Journal Article Current Radiopharmaceuticals
Ectopic parathyroid adenoma adherent to vagus nerve at internal carotid artery 2020-09 Ng J, Roche P, Weir J, Mace A Article Otolaryngology Case Reports
Effect of anastomotic leaks on long-term survival after oesophagectomy for oesophageal cancer: systematic review and meta-analysis. 08/09/2020 Gujjuri RR, Kamarajah SK, Markar SR Journal Article Diseases of the Esophagus
Effect of Hydrocortisone on Mortality and Organ Support in Patients With Severe COVID-19: The REMAP-CAP COVID-19 Corticosteroid Domain Randomized Clinical Trial. 02/09/2020 Writing Committee for the REMAP-CAP Investigators, Angus DC, Derde L, Al-Beidh F, Annane D, Arabi Y, Beane A, van Bentum-Puijk W, Berry L, Bhimani Z, Bonten M, Bradbury C, Brunkhorst F, Buxton M, Buzgau A, Cheng AC, de Jong M, Detry M, Estcourt L, Fitzgerald M, Goossens H, Green C, Haniffa R, Higgins AM, Horvat C, Hullegie SJ, Kruger P, Lamontagne F, Lawler PR, Linstrum K, Litton E, Lorenzi E, Marshall J, McAuley D, McGlothin A, McGuinness S, McVerry B, Montgomery S, Mouncey P, Murthy S, Nichol A, Parke R, Parker J, Rowan K, Sanil A, Santos M, Saunders C, Seymour C, Turner A, van de Veerdonk F, Venkatesh B, Zarychanski R, Berry S, Lewis RJ, McArthur C, Webb SA, Gordon AC Journal Article JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association
Expert Understanding the Path to Mastery 27/08/2020 Kneebone R Book NA
Factors associated with metachronous metastases and survival in locally advanced and recurrent rectal cancer 28/08/2020 Baird DLH, Kontovounisios C, Simillis C, Pellino G, Rasheed S, Tekkis PP Article, Early Access, Journal BJS Open
Following chemotherapy for gestational trophoblastic neoplasia, do residual lung lesions increase the risk of relapse? 2020-09 Bouchard-Fortier G, Ghorani E, Short D, Aguiar X, Harvey R, Unsworth N, Kaur B, Sarwar N, Seckl MJ Journal Article Gynecologic Oncology
Gastric Adenomas and their management in Familial Adenomatous Polyposis. 17/09/2020 Martin I, Roos VH, Anele C, Walton S-J, Cuthill V, Suzuki N, Bastiaansen B, Clark SK, von Roon A, Dekker E, Latchford A Journal Article Endoscopy
Genome-wide alterations of uracil distribution patterns in human DNA upon chemotherapeutic treatments. 21/09/2020 Pálinkás HL, Békési A, Róna G, Pongor L, Papp G, Tihanyi G, Holub E, Póti Á, Gemma C, Ali S, Morten MJ, Rothenberg E, Pagano M, Szűts D, Győrffy B, Vértessy BG Journal Article eLife
Groin wound Infection after Vascular Exposure (GIVE) Multicentre Cohort Study 21/09/2020 Vascular and Endovascular Research Network (VERN), Shalhoub J Journal Article International Wound Journal
Guidelines for clinical trial protocols for interventions involving artificial intelligence: the SPIRIT-AI extension 2020-09 Cruz Rivera S, Liu X, Chan A-W, Denniston AK, Calvert MJ Journal Article Nature Medicine
Higher adenoma detection rates at screening associated with lower long-term colorectal cancer incidence and mortality. 12/09/2020 Cross AJ, Robbins EC, Saunders BP, Duffy SW, Wooldrage K Journal Article Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology
HSP27 Expression as a Novel Predictive Biomarker for Bevacizumab: is it Cost Effective? 2020-09 Seo MK, Straume O, Akslen LA, Cairns J Journal Article PharmacoEconomics – Open
Human Uterine Transplantation: A Review of Outcomes From the First 45 Cases 2020-09 Jones BP, Saso S, Bracewell-Milnes T, Thum MY, Nicopoullos J, Diaz-Garcia C, Friend P, Ghaem-Maghami S, Testa G, Johannesson L, Quiroga I, Yazbek J, Smith JR Journal Article Obstetric Anesthesia Digest
Impact of anaemia at discharge following colorectal cancer surgery. 2020-09 Dru RC, Curtis NJ, Court EL, Spencer C, El Falaha S, Dennison G, Dalton R, Allison A, Ockrim J, Francis NK Journal Article International Journal of Colorectal Disease: clinical and molecular gastroenterology and surgery
Importance of structure-based studies for the design of a novel HIV-1 inhibitor peptide. 02/09/2020 Gomara MJ, Perez Y, Gomez-Gutierrez P, Herrera C, Ziprin P, Martinez JP, Meyerhans A, Perez JJ, Haro I Journal Article Scientific Reports
Integration of paper microfluidic sensors into contact lenses for tear fluid analysis. 18/09/2020 Moreddu R, Elsherif M, Adams H, Moschou D, Cordeiro MF, Wolffsohn JS, Vigolo D, Butt H, Cooper JM, Yetisen AK Journal Article Lab on a Chip: miniaturisation for chemistry, physics, biology, materials science and bioengineering
Integrative Modeling of Quantitative Plasma Lipoprotein, Metabolic, and Amino Acid Data Reveals a Multiorgan Pathological Signature of SARS-CoV-2 Infection. 14/09/2020 Kimhofer T, Lodge S, Whiley L, Gray N, Loo RL, Lawler NG, Nitschke P, Bong S-H, Morrison DL, Begum S, Richards T, Yeap BB, Smith C, Smith KGC, Holmes E, Nicholson JK Journal Article Journal of Proteome Research
Intensive Care Weaning (iCareWean) protocol on weaning from mechanical ventilation: a single-blinded multicentre randomised control trial comparing an open-loop decision support system and routine care, in the general intensive care unit. 02/09/2020 Vizcaychipi MP, Martins L, White JR, Karbing DS, Gupta A, Singh S, Osman L, Moreno-Cuesta J, Rees S Journal Article BMJ Open
Intensive Care Weaning (iCareWean) protocol on weaning from mechanical ventilation: a single-blinded multicentre randomised control trial comparing an open-loop decision support system and routine care, in the general intensive care unit. 02/09/2020 Vizcaychipi MP, Martins L, White JR, Karbing DS, Gupta A, Singh S, Osman L, Moreno-Cuesta J, Rees S Journal Article BMJ Open
Laparoscopic repair of a large rectal injury during colonoscopy: challenging an old-fashioned paradigm. A video vignette. 09/09/2020 Tebala GD, Symons N Letter Colorectal Disease
Laparoscopic Repair of Uteroperitoneal Fistula. 2020-09 Jones BP, Rajamanoharan A, Trew G, Farthing A Journal Article Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology
Learning curves and the influence of procedural volume for the treatment of dysplastic Barrett’s esophagus. 2020-09 Lipman G, Markar S, Gupta A, UK RFA Registry Working Group, Haidry RJ, Lovat LB Journal Article Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
Legacy of COVID-19 – the opportunity to enhance surgical services for patients with colorectal disease. 28/08/2020 ACPGBI Legacy Working Group Journal Article Colorectal Disease
Letter to the Editor on “Patient-Reported Outcomes Following Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Multicenter Comparison Based on Surgical Approaches” 01/09/2020 Edwards TC, Logishetty K, Cobb JP Letter, Journal Journal of Arthroplasty
Long-term outcome of sacral nerve stimulation for faecal incontinence. 20/09/2020 Leo CA, Thomas GP, Bradshaw E, Karki S, Hodkinson JD, Murphy J, Vaizey CJ Journal Article Colorectal Disease
Lost in Translation From Mice to Men: Grief and Pain and FAME. 2020-09 Powell JT Journal Article European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
Metabolic Phenotyping Study of Mouse Brains Following Acute or Chronic Exposures to Ethanol. 10/09/2020 Deda O, Virgiliou C, Armitage EG, Orfanidis A, Taitzoglou I, Wilson ID, Loftus N, Gika HG Journal Article Journal of Proteome Research
Metabonomics and the Gut Microbiome Associated With Primary Response to Anti-TNF Therapy in Crohn’s Disease. 07/09/2020 Ding NS, McDonald JAK, Perdones-Montero A, Rees DN, Adegbola SO, Misra R, Hendy P, Penez L, Marchesi JR, Holmes E, Sarafian MH, Hart AL Journal Article Journal of Crohn’s and Colitis
Multimodality assessment of sleep outcomes in people living with HIV performed using validated sleep questionnaires 01/09/2020 Milinkovic A, Singh S, Simmons B, Pozniak A, Boffito M, Nwokolo N Article, Journal International Journal of STD and AIDS
Nanoscale mechanisms in age-related hip-fractures. 26/08/2020 Ma S, Goh EL, Tay T, Wiles CC, Boughton O, Churchwell JH, Wu Y, Karunaratne A, Bhattacharya R, Terrill N, Cobb JP, Hansen U, Abel RL Journal Article Scientific Reports
Negative Predictive Value of Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Detection of Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer in the Prostate Imaging Reporting and Data System Era: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis 01/09/2020 Sathianathen NJ, Omer A, Harriss E, Davies L, Kasivisvanathan V, Punwani S, Moore CM, Kastner C, Barrett T, Van Den Bergh RCN, Eddy BA, Gleeson F, Macpherson R, Bryant RJ, Catto JWF, Murphy DG, Hamdy FC, Ahmed HU, Lamb AD Review, Journal European Urology
No pain, still gain (of function): the relation between sensory profiles and the presence or absence of self-reported pain in a large multicenter cohort of patients with neuropathy. 27/08/2020 Forstenpointner J, Ruscheweyh R, Attal N, Baron R, Bouhassira D, Enax-Krumova EK, Finnerup NB, Freynhagen R, Gierthmühlen J, Hansson P, Jensen TS, Maier C, Rice AS, Segerdahl M, Tölle T, Treede R-D, Vollert J Journal Article Pain
No patient safety without health worker safety. 16/09/2020 Shaw A, Flott K, Fontana G, Durkin M, Darzi A Journal Article The Lancet
Obese patients and robotic colorectal surgery: systematic review and meta-analysis. 21/09/2020 Suwa Y, Joshi M, Poynter L, Endo I, Ashrafian H, Darzi A Journal Article, Review BJS Open
One Year on: Test Your Knowledge From September 2019 2020-09 Kakkos S Journal Article European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
Optimisation of deep learning methods for visualisation of tumour heterogeneity and brain tumour grading through digital pathology 29/08/2020 Truong AH, Sharmanska V, Limback-Stanic C, Grech-Sollars M Journal Article Neuro-Oncology Advances
Pictorial review of whole body MRI in myeloma: emphasis on diffusion-weighted imaging. 26/08/2020 Hameed M, Sandhu A, Soneji N, Amiras D, Rockall A, Messiou C, Wallitt K, Barwick TD Journal Article British Journal of Radiology
Platinum Opinion Counterview: The Evidence Base for the Benefit of Magnetic Resonance Imaging-directed Prostate Cancer Diagnosis is Sound 01/09/2020 Padhani AR, Villeirs G, Ahmed HU, Panebianco V, Schoots IG, Tempany CMC, Weinreb J, Barentsz JO Editorial Material, Editorial, Journal European Urology
Posterior Retroperitoneoscopic Versus Laparoscopic Transperitoneal Adrenalectomy: A Systematic Review by an Updated Meta-Analysis 27/08/2020 Gavriilidis P, Camenzuli C, Paspala A, Di Marco AN, Palazzo FF Review, Early Access, Journal World Journal of Surgery
Practice patterns of diagnostic upper gastrointestinal endoscopy during the initial COVID-19 outbreak in England. 2020-09 Markar SR, Clarke J, Kinross J, PanSurg Collaborative group Letter, Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t The Lancet Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Predictors of Operative Mortality of 928 Intact Aortoiliac Aneurysms. 02/09/2020 Tsolakis IA, Kakkos SK, Papageorgopoulou CP, Papadoulas S, Lampropoulos G, Fligou F, Nikolakopoulos KM, Ntouvas I, Kouri A Journal Article Annals of Vascular Surgery: international journal of vascular surgery
Prevalence, Associated Factors and Outcomes of Pressure Injuries in Adult Intensive Care Unit Patients: “DecubICUs”, an International Point-Prevalence Study and ESICM Trials Group Project 28/08/2020 Labeau S, Afonso E, Benbenishty J, Blackwood B, Boulanger C, Brett S, Calvino-Gunther S, Chaboyer W, Coyer F, Deschepper M, François G, Honore PM, Jankovic R, Khanna AK, Llaurado-Serra M, Lin F, Rose L, Rubulotta F, Saager L, Williams G, Blot SI Article Intensive Care Medicine
Primary Immunoglobulin G4-related Laryngeal Disease: a case series and review of literature. 31/08/2020 Sandhu G, Al Yaghchi C, Maughan E, Michaels J, Miller B Journal Article Clinical Medicine Insights : Case Reports
Prognostic relevance of the posterior resection margin for predicting disease free survival in ampullary adenocarcinoma. 26/08/2020 Schneider C, Sodergren MH, Pencavel T, Soggiu F, Bhogal RH, Khan AZ Journal Article Surgical Oncology
Progression-free survival in the ICON8 trial – Authors’ reply. 12/09/2020 James EC, McNeish IA, Cook AD, Kaplan R, Clamp AR Letter The Lancet
Public perceptions on data sharing: key insights from the UK and the USA 01/09/2020 Ghafur S, Van Dael J, Leis M, Darzi A, Sheikh A Editorial Material, Editorial, Journal The Lancet Digital Health
Pulmonary Angiopathy in Severe COVID-19: Physiologic, Imaging, and Hematologic Observations. 01/09/2020 Patel BV, Arachchillage DJ, Ridge CA, Bianchi P, Doyle JF, Garfield B, Ledot S, Morgan C, Passariello M, Price S, Singh S, Thakuria L, Trenfield S, Trimlett R, Weaver C, Wort SJ, Xu T, Padley SPG, Devaraj A, Desai SR Journal Article, Observational Study American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine
Re: Gregory T. Chesnut, Emily A. Vertosick, Nicole Benfante, et al. Role of Changes in Magnetic Resonance Imaging or Clinical Stage in Evaluation of Disease Progression for Men with Prostate Cancer on Active Surveillance. Eur Urol 2020;77:501-7 01/09/2020 Simpson BS, Echeverria LMC, Norris JM, Ahmed HU, Moore CM, Whitaker HC Letter, Journal European Urology
Real-world use of workplace based assessments in surgical training: a UK nationwide cross-sectional exploration of trainee perspectives and consensus recommendations from the Association of Surgeons in Training. 05/09/2020 Beamish AJ, Johnston MJ, Harries RL, Mohan HM, Fitzgerald JEF, Humm G, Rabie M, Nally DM, Gokani VJ, Council of the Association of Surgeons in Training, Delphi participants, Ali O, Burke J, Clements JM, Cubas V, Fleming C, Giwa L, Glasbey J, Gokani VJ, Gonzi G, Harries R, Hughes K, Kane EG, MacLeod K, Manook M, Mohan H, Nally D, Pucher PH, Sahnan K, Shelton F, Srikandarajah N, Stovell M, Thaventhiran A, Walker NR, Wilkins A Journal Article International Journal of Surgery
Recent advances in imaging technologies for assessment of retinal diseases. 15/09/2020 Soomro T, Shah N, Niestrata-Ortiz M, Yap T, Normando EM, Cordeiro MF Journal Article Expert Review of Medical Devices
Reciprocal regulation between GCN2 (eIF2AK4) and PERK (eIF2AK3) through the JNK-FOXO3 axis to modulate cancer drug resistance and clonal survival. 15/09/2020 Alasiri G, Jiramongkol Y, Trakansuebkul S, Ke H-L, Mahmud Z, Intuyod K, Lam EW-F Journal Article, Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov’t Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology
Respiratory tract infections (RTIs) in primary care: narrative review of C reactive protein (CRP) point-of-care testing (POCT) and antibacterial use in patients who present with symptoms of RTI. 2020-09 Cooke J, Llor C, Hopstaken R, Dryden M, Butler C Journal Article BMJ Open Respiratory Research
Resurgence of SARS-CoV-2 in England: detection by community antigen surveillance 11/09/2020 Riley S, Ainslie K, Eales O, Walters C, Wang H, Atchison C, Fronterre C, Diggle P, Ashby D, Donnelly C, Cooke G, Barclay W, Ward H, Darzi A, Elliott P Preprint Preprint
Rezum water vapour therapy: promising early outcomes from the first UK series 30/08/2020 Johnston MJ, Noureldin M, Abdelmotagly Y, Paramore L, Gehring T, Nedas TG, Rajkumar G, Emara A, Hindley RG Article, Early Access, Journal BJU International
Simulation for skills training in neurosurgery: a systematic review, meta-analysis, and analysis of progressive scholarly acceptance. 18/09/2020 Davids J, Manivannan S, Darzi A, Giannarou S, Ashrafian H, Marcus HJ Journal Article, Review Neurosurgical Review
Targeting Oligometastasis with Stereotactic Ablative Radiation Therapy or Surgery in Metastatic Hormone-sensitive Prostate Cancer: A Systematic Review of Prospective Clinical Trials. 02/09/2020 Connor MJ, Smith A, Miah S, Shah TT, Winkler M, Khoo V, Ahmed HU Journal Article, Review European Urology Oncology
Temporal trends in craniopharyngioma management and long-term endocrine outcomes: a multicentre cross-sectional study. 19/09/2020 Hussein Z, Glynn N, Martin N, Alkrekshi A, Mendoza N, Nair R, McCullough K, Marcus HJ, Dorward N, Grieve J, Fersht N, Dyson E, Bouloux P-M, Druce M, Baldeweg SE Journal Article Clinical Endocrinology
The COVID-19 pandemic: considerations for resuming normal colorectal services 28/08/2020 Pellino G, Vaizey CJ, Maeda Y Article, Early Access, Journal Colorectal Disease
The endoscope-assisted supraorbital “keyhole” approach for anterior skull base meningiomas: an updated meta-analysis 05/09/2020 Khan DZ, Muskens IS, Mekary RA, Zamanipoor Najafabadi AH, Helmy AE, Reisch R, Broekman MLD, Marcus HJ Article, Early Access, Journal Acta Neurochirurgica: the European journal of neurosurgery
The Hard Truth Regarding Cycling and Erectile Dysfunction? 08/09/2020 McManus A, Connor MJ, Desai A, Miah S Letter Sexual Medicine Reviews
The novel use of fertility quality of life (FertiQoL) treatment subscale to assess treatment acceptability in social egg freezing. 03/09/2020 Jones B, Rajamanoharan A, Kasaven L, Jalmbrant M, Green J, Mahmoud M, Odia R, Saso S, Serhal P, Ben Nagi J Journal Article Human Fertility: an international, multidisciplinary journal dedicated to furthering research and promoting good practice
The provision of nutritional advice and care for cancer patients: a UK national survey of healthcare professionals. 12/09/2020 Murphy JL, Munir F, Davey F, Miller L, Cutress R, White R, Lloyd M, Roe J, Granger C, Burden S, Turner L Journal Article Supportive Care in Cancer
The sigmoid take-off: An anatomical imaging definition of the rectum validated on specimen analysis. 2020-09 D’Souza N, Lord A, Shaw A, Patel A, Balyasnikova S, Tudyka V, Abulafi M, Moran B, Rasheed S, Tekkis P, Terlizzo M, West N, Quirke P, Brown G Journal Article European Journal of Surgical Oncology
The transcriptional repressor REV-ERB as a novel target for disease 01/09/2020 Uriz-Huarte A, Date A, Ang H, Ali S, Brady HJM, Fuchter MJ Article, Journal Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters
Thirty-day mortality following surgical management of hip fractures during the COVID-19 pandemic: findings from a prospective multi-centre UK study 29/08/2020 Narang A, Chan G, Aframian A, Ali Z, Carr A, Goodier H, Morgan C, Park C, Sugand K, Walton T, Wilson M, Belgaumkar A, Gallagher K, Ghosh K, Gibbons C, Keightley A, Nawaz Z, Wakeling C, Sarraf K, Rogers BA, Kieffer WKM Article, Early Access, Journal International Orthopaedics
Thoracic Anesthesia of Patients With Suspected or Confirmed 2019 Novel Coronavirus Infection: Preliminary Recommendations for Airway Management by the European Association of Cardiothoracic Anaesthesiology Thoracic Subspecialty Committee 01/09/2020 Senturk M, El Tahan MR, Szegedi LL, Marczin N, Karzai W, Shelley B, Piccioni F, Gil MG, Rex S, Sorbello M, Bence J, Cohen E, Di Gregorio G, Kawagoe I, Globokar MD, Jimenez M-J, Licker M-J, Mourisse J, Mukherjee C, Navarro R, Neskovic V, Paloczi B, Paternoster G, Pelosi P, Salaheldeen A, Stoica R, Unzueta C, Vanpeteghem C, Vegh T, Wouters P, Yapici D, Guarracino F Article, Journal Journal of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia
Transcutaneous fluorescence spectroscopy as a tool for non-invasive monitoring of gut function – first clinical experiences 10/09/2020 Maurice J, Lett A, Skinner C, Lim A, Richardson M, Painadath Thomas A, Summers P, Vyas K, Tadbier A, Vilar R, Kuimova M, Miodragovic S, Vergis N, Kelly P, Cordeiro M, Hoare J, Darzi A, Goldin R, Thursz M, Thompson A Journal Article Scientific Reports
Triage of patients with venous and lymphatic diseases during the COVID-19 pandemic – The Venous and Lymphatic Triage and Acuity Scale (VELTAS): A consensus document of the International Union of Phlebology (UIP), Australasian College of Phlebology (ACP), American Vein and Lymphatic Society (AVLS), American Venous Forum (AVF), European College of Phlebology (ECoP), European Venous Forum (EVF), Interventional Radiology Society of Australasia (IRSA), Latin American Venous Forum, Pan-American Society of Phlebology and Lymphology and the Venous Association of India (VAI) 01/09/2020 Parsi K, Rij AMV, Meissner MH, Davies AH, Maeseneer MD, Gloviczki P, Benson S, Bottini O, Canata VM, Dinnen P, Gasparis A, Gianesini S, Huber D, Jenkins D, Lal BK, Kabnick L, Lim A, Marston W, Granados AM, Morrison N, Nicolaides A, Paraskevas P, Patel M, Roberts S, Rogan C, Schul MW, Komlos P, Stirling A, Thibault S, Varghese R, Welch HJ, Wittens CHA Article, Journal Journal of vascular surgery. Venous and lymphatic disorders
Using Fully-Immersive Simulation Training with Structured Debrief to Improve Nontechnical Skills in Emergency Endovascular Surgery. 2020-09 Ramjeeawon A, Sharrock AE, Morbi A, Martin G, Riga C, Bicknell C Journal Article Journal of Surgical Education
Using genetics to inform the pharmacological targeting of neuroendocrine neoplasms. 2020-09 Clift AK, Frilling A Journal Article, Review Endocrine-Related Cancer
What has been the impact of Covid-19 on Safety Culture? A case study from a large metropolitan teaching hospital 2020-09 Denning M, Goh ET, Scott A, Martin G, Markar S, Flott K, Mason S, Przybylowicz J, Almonte M, Clarke J, Winter Beatty J, Chidambaram S, Yalamanchili S, Yong-Qiang Tan B, Kanneganti A, Sounderajah V, Wells M, Purkayastha S, Kinross J Journal Article International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Why nurses in primary care need to be research active: the case of venous leg ulceration. 02/09/2020 Saghdaoui LB, Onida S, Davies AH, Wells M Journal Article British Journal of Community Nursing

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