A New Chapter Begins: Women in STEM at Imperial

Hello and welcome to an exciting new era for the Women in STEM at Imperial!

On behalf of all of us in the new committee (About us), it is my pleasure to reintroduce our organization. We’re reigniting the spark of innovation, inclusivity, and inspiration, with a renewed commitment to our core goals.

Our mission
Our mission is unequivocal: we aim to inspire and support girls and women in reaching their utmost potential in engineering, applied sciences, and technical leadership roles. We firmly believe in unleashing potential and magnifying the impact through encouragement.
Join us on this transformative journey

We are excited to unveil a series of upcoming educational events, mentoring programs, and networking opportunities designed to cater to your aspirations. Whether you are in search of guidance or keen to mentor others, our platform welcomes you with open arms. (What’s on)
As part of our commitment to building bridges and fostering growth, we invite you to become a member of our thriving community. We are more than just an organization; we are a nurturing hub for both personal and professional development. Join us and be a part of a community committed to your growth and empowerment in STEM. (Membership)

Mentorship: Your Path to Growth
Become a part of something bigger. For those interested in mentorship, whether as a mentee or mentor, we extend a warm invitation. Your experience and insights can make a difference. (Mentoring programme)

Collaborating for Change
We stand at the crossroads of departments at Imperial, fostering an environment rich in ideas and career opportunities for students and staff. We aim to be the catalyst for impactful exchanges that open doors and broaden horizons. (Groups at Imperial)

Inclusive Dialogue, Diverse Connections
Our group is a tapestry of diverse stakeholders, from industrial partners to academia and students to staff. We’re committed to facilitating meaningful dialogues, forging lasting connections, and challenging our partners to embrace diversity in every facet of their organizations. (Blogs, News)

We look forward to having you on board. Together, let’s shape a brighter future in STEM.
Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to be a part of this transformative journey.

With more to come, yours,
Eleni – Lead web administrator