Deadline for 2018 Summer Job Level Review: Monday 18 June

The deadline for the next round of Job Level Review applications is Monday 18 June, 9am. Applications should be submitted via e-mail to Leah Grey ( The Job Level Review process is designed to review whether a job has grown sufficiently in its scope to be re-graded (it is a separate process to pay level/relativity review).

How do I apply?

To apply, the following documentation is required:

    • The original job description and person specification you were appointed to.
    • Current job description and person specification for the post as it is at present; the details of the job description should be agreed with the current post-holder; the job description and person specification should follow the format shown in the Job Review Application form.  N.B. applications for review of research posts should also include an up-to-date CV with details of publications/research activity.
    • An organisation chart for the section must be provided which shows the hierarchy and job levels of posts above and below the post under review the post under review should be highlighted.
    • A supporting case which is completed by the Line Manager; the case should follow the format shown in the Job Review Application form and should be on a separate page.
    • Please note your completed application form must be signed off by your Line Manager (or by yourself if you are submitting a personal application), however, the signature from the Head of Department, Faculty Operating Officer and any required stamps will be completed by the Department.

What else should I be aware of?

  • Applications submitted must have all the necessary paperwork and signatures (actual signatures, not typed names on the forms) and stamps.
  • Applications received by the Faculty Centre that have any of the above information missing will be returned to the Department and will not be processed.
  • Please be aware that under normal circumstances, when an application for a job level re-grading has been unsuccessful, applicants should wait a full year before re-applying for a further review.  During this period, the role may possibly grow, but it is unlikely to do so in a matter of months. There are some occasions when the Review Panel may request a resubmission within the next 12 months. If this has not been requested directly after an unsuccessful application, applicants must wait a full year unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Full details of the process can be found at: However, please be mindful when viewing this page that the Job Level Review Panel Dates section has not yet been updated –  please adhere to the deadline outlined here.

Please note that if you applied in the previous Job Level Review round, outcomes will be communicated by Faculty in early May.

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