Funding successes: May 2018

A round-up of recent funding successes in the Department of Medicine.

Group name Principal Investigator(s) Funder Scheme Awarded Amount
Cell Biology Professor Guy Rutter Medical Research Council (MRC) Population & Systems Medicine (PSMB) – Research Boards Programme grant 2,231,871
Centre for Pharmacology and Therapeutics Professor Lan Zhao British Heart Foundation Standard grant project 164,885
Immunology Dr Pascale Kropf Medical Research Council (MRC) Infections and Immunity – Research Boards: Sep/Oct 2017 174,383
Infectious Diseases Professor Graham Taylor Medical Research Council (MRC) Jointly-Funded Clinical Research Training Fellowship 250,915
Centre for Haematology Dr Jim Crawley British Heart Foundation BHF Project Grant 294,048
Centre for Haematology Dr Jim Crawley, Josefin Ahnstrom, Isabelle Salles-Crawley British Heart Foundation Programme Grant 1,271,273
Centre for Haematology Dr Rens de Groot British Heart Foundation Project Grant 180,799
Centre for Haematology Dr Josefin Ahnstroem British Heart Foundation Project Grant 223,603
Structural Biology Professor Xiaodong Zhang  BBSRC Responsive mode research grant  1,000,000

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