Funding successes: November 2018

Professor Matthew Pickering
Professor Matthew Pickering (pictured) was recently awarded a Senior Research Fellowship in Clinical Science by the Wellcome Trust.

Congratulations to all Principal Investigators in the Department who have been awarded research grants this month. Here is round-up of key funding successes in the Department of Medicine for November.

Group name Principal Investigator Student Funder Scheme Award amount (£)
Centre for Complement and Inflammation Research Professor Matthew Pickering Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowships in Clinical Science 1,917,963
Cell Biology Professor Guy Rutter Wellcome Trust Investigator Awards in Science 1,755,760
Infectious Diseases Professor Robin Shattock Innovate UK 1,750,741
Neuropsychopharmacology Professor David Nutt Wellcome Trust Biomedical Resource and Technology Development Grants 1,228,854
Investigative Medicine Professor Gary Frost Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust- BRC Funding BRC Award 258,587
Investigative Medicine Dr Channa Jayasena Imperial College Healthcare Charity Imperial Healthcare Charity 160,000
Infectious Diseases Professor Robin Shattock Anna Blakney Commission of the European Communities Marie Curie Individual Fellowship 146,764
Translational Neurosciences Professor Praveen Anand Ministry of Defence 86,367
Investigative Medicine Dr Tricia Tan Anna Kamocka Royal College Of Surgeons Of England Royal College of Surgeons of England One -Year Surgical Research Fellowship 71,226
Restorative Neurosciences Professor Paul Matthews NODTHERA LIMITED 51,000
Paediatrics Professor Neena Modi Westminster Medical School Research Trust 46,834
Neurodegeneration and Neuroinflammation Dr Magdalena Sastre Alzheimer’s Research UK Imperial College London Network Centre Grant 31,800*
Infectious Diseases Professor Sarah Fidler Maryam Kahn British HIV Association (BHIVA) Project Grant – 2018 Research awards 28,711
Paediatrics Dr Sudhin Thayyil Cerebral Palsy Alliance Career Development Grants 2017 26,178
Paediatrics Dr Thushan De Silva British Infection Association (BIA) Research Project Grants 15,000
Immunology Professor Stella Knight Stella Dilke St Mark’s Hospital Foundation Project Grant 10,000

*Includes value of sub-projects

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