Learning and teaching | Key achievements for 2018

Dr Wayne Mitchell
Dr Wayne Mitchell

As part of our end of year roundup for the Department of Medicine, we’re taking a look back at some of the key achievements of our Learning and Teaching team for 2018. Well done everyone!

  • The Department saw an overall increase in MSc and MRes students with a total of 239FTE enrolled students in 2018-2019, bringing in an income in excess of £4 million.
  • Senior Teaching Fellow Dr Wayne Mitchell was awarded a President’s Award for Excellence in Supporting the Student Experience.
  • Teaching Fellow Dr Stefano Sandrone launched the ‘NeurOn Topic: Learning and Teaching’ blog, which features contributions from MSc Translational Neuroscience students. The key aims of the blog are to enhance the curriculum and innovate pedagogy, highlight the contribution of women in academia (within and outside the College), and engage and inspire society.
  • Professor Barbara Bain received an EHA Education and Mentoring Award from the European Hematology Association “for her outstanding efforts towards educating and mentoring haematologists worldwide”.
  • Dr Sophie Rutschmann was an integral part of a number of successful funding bids awarded to the Faculty Education team, including:
    • Support from the Learning and Teaching Strategy fund to enable the creation of new roles to support the Curriculum Review of all 28 PGT FoM programmes (two strategic Teaching Fellows, and a 0.4FTE E-learning Technologist, all for two years).
    • An Excellence Fund for Learning and Teaching Innovation Award for the IMPACTS project (Inclusive Module for Professional And Critical Thinking Skills) to Wayne Mitchell (DoM), Katie Stripe (NHLI), Jeffrey Vernon (FoM) and Sophie Rutschmann (DoM). This provides a budget of £42,200 to cover a Teaching Fellow post for six months to develop module content.

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