Working culture and outreach | Key achievements for 2018

Members of the Athena SWAN SAT team
Members of the Athena SWAN SAT team

As part of our end of year roundup for the Department of Medicine, we’re taking a look back at some of our key working culture and outreach achievements for 2018. Well done everyone!

  • This year, the Department of Medicine became an active sponsor of the WOMENinSTEM@IC group. Find out more about the group and their activities.
  • As part of this year’s round of President’s Awards, Juliet Allibone was Highly Commended in the Leadership Award for Excellence in Societal Engagement category.
  • Fran Husson won the Inspirational Partner Award for Excellence in Societal Engagement.
  • At this year’s Imperial Festival, members of staff and students from the MRC CMBI and HPRU AMR oversaw a raft of different activities in the ‘Superbugs Zone’, and engaged with thousands of members of the public on the critical issue of antibiotic resistance.
  • The Department enjoyed a bumper round of Academic Promotions in 2018, with 16 members of staff successfully moving up to new posts.
  • Throughout the course of this year, the number of trained Mental Health First Aiders in our Department has grown from 4 to 20. Browse the full Faculty list on SharePoint (filterable by campus and/or Department)
  • The Department’s Mentoring Scheme (now Faculty-wide) is continuing to grow and provide benefits to mentors and mentees. Read about one pair’s experiences of the scheme.
  • Three of the Department’s Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre (PFDC) Reps – Anat Melamed, Ceyda Oksel and Delphine Rolando – were nominated for an Individual Award at this summer’s PFDC Reps Awards Dinner for their continuous contributions to the postdoc community.
  • The Department’s revamped and improved Professional, Technical & Operational Staff Working Group (PTOSWG) is up and running (and looking for new members!). The group focusses specifically on PTO staff in the Department, and looks at communication, training and development, opportunities and recognition. If you’re interested in joining in the New Year, please contact Claire Wade (
  • Staff and students from the HPRU AMR team successfully signed up 300 new antibiotic guardians as part of this year’s World Antibiotic Awareness Week
  • Last but not least: the Department celebrated a milestone in combatting inequality in the workplace with the renewal of its Athena SWAN Silver award. Read about five ways in which we’re winning the fight against inequality in academia.

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