Month: October 2018

1st meeting of 2018/19 tomorrow!

Wednesday 24/10 @ 11am, in MSc students room (ground floor)

Do come along to the 1st Stats reading group meeting of the year, and learn about matrix completion & compressed sensing:

Exact Matrix Completion via Convex Optimization , E. J. Candes & B. Recht, 2008

Presented by Dr Samir Bhatt

Suppose we have a (largely unknown)  nxn matrix but we can only see m << nxn entries. Can we retrieve the whole matrix? Yes, yes we can (under some specific conditions)!

Paper 1 announced!

On the first session of the Stats reading group, we will be reviewing the following:

Exact Matrix Completion via Convex Optimization (E. J. Candes & B. Recht, 2008)

Presented by: Dr Samir Bhatt

“Matrix completion is the task of filling in the missing entries of a partially observed matrix. Sounds like imputation right? That’s useful as we always have missing data (damn)! In this group meeting, We will discuss one of the two seminal papers that have sparked a new field of interest called compressed sensing”

A cool paper on compressed sensing X matrix algebra

Disclaimer РIn this reading group, we are about learning new things, and none of us are experts in the field of compressed sensing. Attendants are strongly encouraged  not to be intimidated and to attend, even if the materials feels very unfamiliar