Month: January 2019

Journal club + Seminar

Please join us tomorrow 30/01 for the next round of the Stats reading group at SMH, with journal club + seminar sessions !

All in the MSc students room, ground floor of SMSM building

11am-midday: Paper appraisal by students from the MSc in HDA&ML: “Discovering regulatory and signalling circuits in molecular interaction networks”, T. Ideker et al, BioInformatics, 2002.

In this paper, the authors propose a model for the integration of univariate associations results with protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions stored in large and public databases. The method is based on (i) the construction of a network model using a priori knowledge on molecular interactions and (ii) the estimation of univariate z-scores representing the association of each gene with the outcome. The z-scores are then aggregated for each subnetwork in order to identify the most relevant subnetworks in association with an outcome of interest.

midday-1pm: Seminar by Benno Schwikowski, author of this week’s paper

Benno Schwikowski is the head of the Systems Biology group at Institut Pasteur (France). He has worked a lot with network models and in particular he developed Cytoscape (a software for network visualisation). In his seminar, he will present LEAN, a method for identification of subnetworks enriched in nodes associated with an outcome of interest.

New year new sessions!

Happy new year 2019!

And welcome back! We are kick-starting this new year and the 2nd term with fresh new round of the SMH stats reading group:

Venue: MSc student room, ground floor of SMSM building

Time: 11am