Stonehenge – a quick trip to UK’s history

Deadline successfully met on Friday, and how am I rewarding myself? Hmmm…

Ah! I had seen this trip to Stone Henge on the Imperial College website a few weeks earlier. Since I totally love stones (you can laugh, but it’s no joke), a trip to this epochal monument was on my bucketlist anyway. So I booked the excursion without delay!

Our group of students was picked up in the morning by a modern bus directly in front of the Sir Alexander Fleming Building. After about 1 1/2 hours of comfortable driving we arrived at the place of legend and mystery. However, there were more facts about the monument than I thought! Our tour guide told us during the trip about the meanings of the different stone sizes, the origin of the name ‘Stone Henge’ and that most stones were removed for the purpose of building houses by the local farmers.

To make a trip during the spring awakening is for me personally the ideal period for such an excursion. Unfortunately, it was so cold yesterday that we only lasted 30 minutes up by the rocks. At the top, a snowstorm started, which led to several beautiful direct photos of the Henge.  But it was also the reason for the failure of any selfie attempt.


Tough luck. Sometimes things are just out of your control. After warming up with a coffee in the local restaurant we continued to Salisbury. The cathedral is epochal, but it was even more exciting for me to see that the nearby restaurant where the Russian double agent was poisoned was completely closed off.

A strong police presence rounded off the media highlight and provided a slight feeling of discomfort. On the way back we made a spontaneous stopover in Winchester. Our guide let us decide where wewanted to stop. The alternative would have been another henge, which we rejected due to the weather conditions. All in all, the trip was a great experience and a commendable alternative to everyday life in London. Also the handing over of the organization led to a relaxed experience during the whole excursion.

Despite the weather – this was an excellent reward for my hard work 🙂

Highly recommended!


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