Hungry in South Kensington?

Many students are tired of the renowned library cafe and the free baked potatoes you can get with yoyo points. However, there’s plenty of options nearby that will definitely satisfy the most innate hunger.

For Lunch:

  • Bosphorus Kebab: The most amazing kebabs in the world for a cheap price too! (6 – 8 pounds per meal)
  • Go(Vietnamese): 8 pounds for the lunch deal. Best things are the chargrilled lemongrass chicken or the curry
  • Dozo(Japanese): Usually quite full, but the lunch deals range from (8-10 pounds)
  • Pret – sandwiches, hot-food ( 4- 7 pounds)
  • Wasabi – (6 – 9 pounds)

For dinner: 

  • Honest burgers: Fries are amazing ( 8-12 pounds) – simply one of the best burgers
  • Oriental canteen(Asian): (6 – 10 pounds) – south-east Asian cuisine
  • Jia(Chinese): (10-12 pounds) – this one has dumplings and stuff

Usually, for lunch, it’s either Go or Dozo. Dozo is usually quite full with long waiting times, plus you can’t sit down until all of your party has arrived. Then Go it the choice. I have never needed to wait for Go, and it’s definitely one of the tastiest restaurants on the list.

Additionally, you may have noticed a Spanish place near South Kensington that looks super high class and expensive – fret not, they have a baguette with Spanish ham (jammon) which I got hooked onto because of my girlfriend. (She’s Spanish). Tell them you’re a student, and they will kick the price down to 4 pounds from the original 6.


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