Launching a start-up at Imperial

Earlier this year, I met Christian, a student of Service at The Royal College of Art. What it started as a conversation of business ideas, is now becoming a start-up.

We’re launching GoalBowl. This is a breakfast mix subscription, tailor-made to your personal health and wellbeing goals. We match healthy ingredients to your goals based on their key nutrients and health benefits. This results in a tasty bowl made specially for you.

We’re working following the lean start-up approach. We make sure that we work close to customers and their needs. With this in mind and with the support of the Enterprise lab at Imperial, we set our first booth at Sherfield building. We interacted with university stuff and students to learn about their interests in our service.

By working closely with potential clients, we’re able to provide a better targeted product. Getting immediate feedback and impressions from people around you is a great way to start.

If you’re a student at Imperial, you can participate in our one week trial. Drop your email on our website and we will follow up with you 🙂

You can also follow our startup journey on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


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