A love declaration to books

Sometimes it catches you, a book, an author, his or her view of various things.

I love books that enrich my perspective or increase my level of understanding. The more you learn, read and think your way into different topics, the more you realize how little you actually know. Furthermore there are books on almost every topic, its incredible!

From the application of algorithms to the philosophy of a virtuous life, how to short stocks on the financial markets, how to eat properly according to your blood group, there are dozens of sometimes contradictory treatises on everything. But exactly in this contradiction emerges the germ for one’s own thinking, for the explorative discovery of one’s interests, for the expansion of one’s own horizon, for picking out the right piece of the puzzle fitting into YOUR life.

One falls into a humble state of mind and starts noticing that the human imagination exceeds the material world by thousands of powers of 10 (yes I’m an engineer :D). If you notice that people dedicate their life’s work to the research of flow behaviour behind circular cylinders and write 3000 pages about it, I at least begin to marvel. Other people decide to write their memoires about how the letter ”r” is inflected in different languages. How crazy is that!? I won’t even begin writing about the boundless world of fiction, in which almost everything seems possible and where creativity flourishes freely.

The only requirement for joining this exploration of a parallel world is a ticket. It costs about 10 pounds. Sometimes a little bit (or huge bit) more, sometimes less. In times of mass evaluations of the Internet, however, a wrong purchase becomes rather unlikely. Furthermore, giant libaries provide us with every thing we need to know, for which I’m more than grateful. Leaders are readers, so what are you waiting for?

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