Coming back home for the first time

5 things I was not expecting

Moving away from home is an experience which is talked about quite often, about its excitement or its sadness. On the other hand, no one really shares their feelings about coming back home.

On the last 14thof December, I flew back to Spain, where a few things surprised me.


  1. Where is my room?

You open the door to your old house and you feel a bit out of place. You go to your room, but it seems odd, should I call this my room anymore? Or is it just a temporary place before I go back to my reality. Where is my room, at my parents´ or in London?


  1. Am I not independent anymore?

You’ve been living by yourself for three months now and in that time, you haven’t had the need to explain every single movement or decision that you’ve taken. Well, that will not be the case now, you are “under someone else’s roof”, so be ready for the constant questioning.


  1. Hasn’t time passed to my friends?

You haven’t seen your friends in quite a long time, things have changed, everyone has started a new life, have met new people, have gone different ways. But then, you grab a coffee with those who were your day to day smiles and you feel like in the old days. Although there are many things to catch up on, it seems like, opposed to the theory of relativity, time has contracted.


  1. Am I missing the library?

You know you should be revising for the exams, but it seems that the ginger cookies flavour is telling you not to… There are some many interesting things to do… so many people to catch up with… Where’s the library? Where’s the sanctuary of the concentration?

You think of going to your town’s library… but it’s not the same.


  1. Do I want to come back to uni?

You are having a nice time in your hometown, yet you know that the real drama is coming: exams are around the corner. You want to get it out of the way. Does that mean you want to go back to the stressful life? To sitting down 10 hours a day, to unsolvable tutorials… You kind of do, probably because you are missing your new friends too.

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