Malawi Medical Elective (2)

It has been a fantastic few days here in Malawi. We travelled up to Nkhata Bay hospital and saw first hand how a hospital functions with only one employed doctor. We visited Lake Malawi and also enjoyed being welcomed into the local church for a lively Sunday Morning service! We have also tried the traditional Malawi food kindly cooked by our hospital guide and served at his family home.

In ward rounds, we observed what it was like to not have curtains and privacy between patients. We saw how patients had to bring their own linen in as there was none in the hospital. We also saw the dedicated work ethic of the staff to band together despite such limited resrouces. In theatre, the equipment was frail during c-sections and skin grafts. In clinics, patients would have to re-use equipment that is made to be single use only due to shortages.

Things that we completely take for granted in England like oxygen saturation probes are rare to find. Even things like soap and hand sanitiser is rare.

We have started on our project to support the e-health Malawi team too, who we originally met at Imperial. We have been working to enhance the delivery and follow up of asthma patients in Malawi and we now spend our evenings on this work.

What an experience! Here are some photos below:


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