Easter break as an Imperial Student

Last Easter, I was spending my holiday catching up with old friends, good food and a little shopping here and there. Now, I’m travelling to Japan, doing revision in Starbucks whenever I can.

I admit travelling to Japan just before exams is risky business, but I’m convinced that spending Easter with family is far more important that getting a first class honor as a first year. Filled with anxiety and my head being in the wrong place at the wrong time, I I walked through Ginza. The street filled with all the best thing money can offer, I walked through Cartier and Harry Winston with absolutely no expression. In contrary to how I usually behaved. I would’ve been smiling like crazy, begging my sister to go in there, looking through jewellries made my head clearer. This time it didn’t.
I spent the first few days, travelling in Tokyo. Which I then proceed to Kyoto.

Three hours in the high speed train, I opened my Macbook and started to do some of my revision. Every seconds that we were not enjoying our vacation, I was trying to read lecture notes through blackboard. Started the morning with a quick read through some notes, and ending off the day the same way.

I know it sounds painful and unenjoyable, but did I regret it? ABSOLUTELY NOT. The day I got my offer from Imperial was the happiest day of my life. I was so filled with joy, and now that I’m here, I’d do anything to make sure I get out with a degree.

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