From confinement to con(fun)ment?

Tips to enjoy the lockdown 

Ever since the World Health Organisation’s classification of COVID-19 as a pandemic, a new face of the world was unveiled to us. A world where countries are progressively shutting down borders and locking down. A world where supermarket pasta and toilet roll aisles are ravaged and international capital cities turning into ghost towns. A world that I took for granted.

Taking a step back from this exceptional sanitation crisis and with the social distancing, I realised how elements of what seemed part of a natural lifestyle were in fact blessed treasures: walking in to university daily, picnicking in Hyde Park with some friends, attending workshops, conferences, art exhibitions, socials and the list goes on! Having discussed this with some friends, we also agreed on how easy it was to feel locked up and literally cut off from the rest of the world (especially with everyone being in different times zones). Loneliness, stress and boredom may start to kick in as well as an untameable desire to run outside and scream.

Don’t worry you’re NOT alone.

It’s very easy to loose your sanity in such an insane environment but remember that you’re not the insane one the world around you is. I wanted to put up some tips to help turn that confinement upside down to render it slightly more fun.


For some, being trapped indoors with your family and four energetic siblings may seem like a nightmare but it’s also a great way to spend some quality time with your family outside of term. Take advantage of that through doing multiple activities such as board game nights, movie nights, cooking. I was missing England too much and decided to make scones with my brother although we were unfortunately missing the clotted cream. Nothing beats homemade food!


I know how challenging it can be to keep in touch with everyone at once especially with the different time zones and schedules but definitely organise grouped calls through WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype (sounds prehistoric I know but I rediscovered it and have to say that has some amazing new features such as adding live emojis on videos and screen sharing).  I recently have been on calls with friends from the Netherlands, UK, Korea, France, Austria and China! Technology really does bring people together in times like this. If you haven’t already, also download Houseparty, the new confinement app! It alerts you when your friends are “in house” so its super easy to begin a conversation and has series of games such as Chips and Guac. Of course don’t hesitate to host remote Netflix parties!

Grouped skype call with some friends #social distancing

Andrex chilling with the antiques*                                                                          #Friends

* I took this picture in London, a luxurious pack of Andrex toilet paper was featured in an antique shop and it really lifted up my mood!


No motivation to work? I understand. Its quite hard but try to schedule in a few hours a day to work on your degree remotely especially as exams are approaching while giving yourself plenty of time to rest. By doing so you’re making sure that you’re not doing everything last minute and enjoying that well earned Easter break!


It definitely won’t replace sprinting in Hyde Park or rowing in the Thames but try to do some at home exercise, you’ll see that it will bring your mood up. Some ideas include yoga and mediation, home workouts or justdance sessions!


Moving back home always means quite a lot of unpacking for me. I know however that I am far from being alone on that aspect. For many, there are just some cardboard boxes or stored items that we did not really have time to take care of (or at least that’s what we said back then 🙂 ) when we left to university and slightly forgot about them. Now is the perfect time to deal with those and spring clean!!


On top of taking on old hobbies that you put aside during term time, this confinement period may be the perfect opportunity to take on new challenges and try out things that you would have otherwise never done. Try learning a new language, a new instrument, coding anyone? Sign up to MOOCs, become the next Shakespeare or Picasso!


Please also check out Charlotte’s blog on COVID19 and mental wellbeing! After all, healthy brain healthy being.

In these difficult times we need to support one another and trust the scientific community.

So please call up those loved ones, make some homemade tiramisu and pick up a new book!

Take care in the meantime and stay healthy! 😉

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