Train Poetry

I love commuting on the Tube. I didn’t really use the trains before going to university because everything was either within walking distance from my house or the bus was quicker. Getting on the train made me feel more adult, watching people in suits travel to work in big offices or people working on their laptops if they got a seat.

Poetry on the Underground is a charming public art project to introduce more poetry to the general public. I don’t read poetry very often, probably because the depth to which we studied a particular anthology for English GCSE was frankly traumatising. Before I had my will worn down enough to pay for Spotify premium, I would read poetry on my commute to uni. I started jotting down the titles and poets of the ones I really enjoyed.

I Am The Song – Charles Causley

Honesty – Kit Wright

Perseverance – Marin Sorescu

Everything Changes – Cicely Herbert

Cordon – Laura Chalar

Peepal Tree – Roger Robinson

Time To Be Slow – John Donohue

I Sing of Change – Niy Osundire

Adonais – Percy Bysshe Shelley

Rising – Jean Breeze

Wish You Were Here – Julia Fiedorczuk

When I have fears that I may cease to be – John Keats

Promise – Jackie kay

Leaf – Seán Hewitt

I love the imagery and being able to consume poetry a little at a time. Sometimes I find it difficult to start reading poetry all at once, compared to normal prose, it takes time to take in.

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