New NIHR Incubator for Paediatric Critical Care at Imperial

S&C’s Dr Padmanabhan Ramnarayan (Ram), Reader in Paediatric Critical Care was successful in obtaining funding to set up a new NIHR Incubator in paediatric critical care.

NIHR will fund 10 Incubators from next year to support academic research career capacity in areas where there is a national need.

Seven new NIHR-supported Incubators, including Dr Ram’s Paediatric Critical Care Incubator, were successful in a recent competition, and three current Incubators were successful in re-applying. All 10 Incubators will start their set-up phase from 1 July and begin in January 2024. NIHR will support them for three years.

The NIHR Incubator programme was established in 2018 as a way of encouraging networking, training and career development support for health and care professionals. Funding is provided for three years to help stakeholders identify barriers to research capacity and find bespoke solutions.

Speaking about the Incubator, Dr Ramnarayan said “NIHR Incubator funding provides an exciting opportunity to train and provide mentorship to early-career researchers in my specialty so that the future of paediatric critical care research can be secured. I am delighted to lead this national effort and look forward to working with our stakeholders”.

Read the NIHR announcement.

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