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Content design techniques: pair writing

Whether you are creating a new website or simply adding a few new pages; one of the most important things to do is to bring the right people together to actually write the copy. There are a number of ways you can collaborate on content writing, but pair writing has proven to be a very popular technique in recent years. In this post I will talk about the technique and how it can improve collaborative working and the output on your website.

Pair writing, unsurprisingly involves two people sitting down together and writing copy in real-time. It really is as simple as that!
Close up of two women doing records in a notebook sitting at a laptop (more…)

Website redesign: Data protection

I am sure you have heard about the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR introduces a number of changes to the way that organisations hold and process personal data from 25 May.

At Imperial, the Legal Services Office have been busy raising awareness and working with various departments around the College. As part of this campaign, I have been working with the team to redevelop their online content (more…)

Website redesign: Engaging with small and medium size enterprises

Another thing I will cover in this blog from time to time are any new websites or major redesigns that I have been involved with recently, and explain the process and some of the techniques that were used.

Engaging with small and medium size enterprises (SMEs)

One important activity of the College is to work with small and medium size enterprises or SMEs. This helps them benefit from the talent, ideas and facilities we have here at Imperial.

Assessing the existing web presence

As you can see from the image below, the previous landing page was not very exciting. This activity is all about outreach and engagement, so this was something that website was not addressing well.

Previous landing page for Engaging with small and medium size enterprises
Previous landing page for Engaging with small and medium size enterprises


Tools for card sorting and tree testing

After reading my last post on card sorting you may be thinking about running a workshop, but you are put off because it will be difficult to organise. Worry not, as with so many things these days there is an online solution. In this post I will introduce a couple of tools to consider, you could even save a few innocent trees! (more…)